Thursday, October 02, 2003

Well, it looks like I may have to update the odds in my Gamblers' Guide below. Bush is screwing things up so badly that the odds of his getting dumped as the front for this neocon coup are growing. Perhaps the plan is to use Wesley "I'm a Democrat, I just vote like a Republican" Clark to take over. He's already military. Who knows? How sad it is that our greatest hope for deliverance from fascism is extreme incompetence. However, the times grow more dangerous as these incompetents get more desperate.

Note to insiders in the cabal: Look, please tell me exactly how you are planning to do this know, take over the world and all. I promise I won't tell anyone, but the uncertainty is killing me. Plus, even if I did tell the world, no one would believe me anyway. So, send me an email or a diplomatic pouch. Better yet, actual documents. That way, we can spend all our time debating the authenticity of the documents. Yeah...that's perfect.

Quick Coincidence Watch: The day Reagan was shot, George Bush Sr. was to have dinner with John Hinckley's brother. link Just before 9/11 Bush was in a meeting with Osama bin Laden's brother. link What can we learn from this? That anyone who thinks George Bush is involved in anti-democratic conspiracies is a nutcase. Crazier than that Hinckley guy himself.

Oh, by the way...did you hear the one about the declassified documents on MK-ULTRA, the CIA Mind Control Program? This is hilarious. Evidently some moron runs this site: link . On this site he reviews the declassified documents showing how the CIA perfected hypnotic techniques to create agents who carried out dirty deeds without ever being aware of the deed or that they were agents. That's a matter of public record, of course, but this guy thinks the CIA would actually USE this ability. That is more INSANITY. The CIA just learns about these things in case OTHER people try it. Why would the CIA release this information in declassified documents if they were actually DOING these things? Huh? Answer me that? The CIA is here to protect you....not use you against your will to carry out secret missions. In fact, the whole MK-ULTRA mind control program was cancelled due to a need for more time for cultural sensitivity training and human rights education. A lot of people don't know that.

Nope, my friends. There are no ACTUAL CONSPIRACIES in the US. Watergate: never happened. Iran-Contra: a fantasy. Support of 1973 military coup in Chile heavily documented in now-public files: a heavily documented fantasy. Castro assassination attempts: propaganda from Oswald and those other Cuba-loving commies of the 60's.


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