Friday, October 31, 2003

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

I'm getting nervous...real nervous. Why? Well, the Laci Peterson trial is in the news again. Top story on CNN. Either this is the ONLY MURDER that happened in the last few years, or there are some other serious stories needing a little attention. What is NOT being covered?

We also have the California fires to entertain us. Here is an idea I had to help prevent the loss of property and life. And I'm just thinkin' out loud here. Why don't they STOP BUILDING HOUSES IN THESE FORESTS? I don't know, maybe it's too complicated. Of course, these homeowners will rebuild right where they were, and they'll complain about the property taxes that are paying for fire protection, and they won't let anyone do any pre-emptive burns. We can all mourn for them again in 6 or 8 years or so. Boo hoo.

Oh and we have some GREAT economic news. The U.S. economy grew at its fastest rate since Reagan was President. You do remember the great economic times under Reagan don't you? The only drawback under Reagan was that for some very odd reason, far greater numbers of people decided to become homeless during his administration. It's odd enough that people would choose to live in the streets, rather than in a nice gated community somewhere, but why did so many MORE make such an odd choice under Reagan. Those wacky homeless people!

Unfortunately, for those of you who are unemployed, the fast economic growth didn't result in more jobs. In fact, it resulted in fewer jobs. You'll have to consult an economics professor to find out how that works. I didn't really understand it. But anyway, we are all better off now!

In any event, in this "quiet" time, I must wonder what is coming. They've announced a "day of resistance" in Iraq, but that won't really stir people up to support Bush...probably just the opposite. No, it needs to be something domestic. Another announcement came from some al-Qaida somebody of a planned attack that will "bring America down", though that story kinda faded out. I don't think announcements of potential terrorist activity are really having much effect anymore.

Maybe I should just stop worrying and have a nice, quiet Halloween. A happy one to everyone, and a happy Samwein to all you groovy pagans out there. (That's happy new year to you uninitiated. )


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