Monday, October 13, 2003

Just Because Republicans Linked to Extremist Right-wing Fundamentalists Who Advocate the Death Penalty for Homosexuals Own the Voting Machine Companies Doesn't Mean Your Vote Isn't Safe...

Read the headline again. Go ahead. I'll wait. Done? Good. Are you getting my literary device here? It is sarcasm. Irony. I am making a point by pretending to advocate a different point of view. Get it? No?

Okay, how about this, a more straightforward approach: Republican extremists own the voting machine companies. Many of you use their machines to vote. Their machines suck at best and are "fixable" by anyone with even the lowest "script kiddie" status. Your vote means nothing. Here is the best article I've seen so far summarizing the situation.

Vote Here (heh)

And, of course, go and get the new FREE book about computer voting fraud at Click Ye This Link Download the book (go to the download section), or buy it somewhere, but for God's sake, don't go wasting your calories pressing voting machine buttons till you have read these materials. Oh, a word of warning. Some folks don't want the site to exist. The site is constantly fending off hackers and lawsuits from Diebold. If you are an expert in either, maybe you can lend them a hand. Otherwise, be patient. The site is down a lot.


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