Wednesday, January 28, 2004

How I Know the World Trade Center Attack was Staged by US Government Evildoers

Yes, EVILDOERS. Let's use Bush's term, since they are, after all, his friends.

I can accept the POSSIBILITY that the US Military simply did not follow procedures that day. NORAD was simply not contacted in time to stop the planes. They didn't notice when transponders were turned off. It's at least possible, though why no one has been fired yet is a mystery.

I can accept the POSSIBILITY that the FBI named all the hijackers within 48 hours and yet had not done anything to stop them BEFORE the hijackings. Bloody bad law enforcement, but it COULD be true.

I can accept the POSSIBILITY that jet fuel, which burns at approximately the temperature of kerosene, could melt or "substantially weaken" steel designed to withstand 2 and a half times that temperature, though I certainly won't be investing any money in Coleman Kerosene Lanterns for my next camping trip. I like the fire to stay INSIDE the metal lantern, thank you very much.

I can accept the POSSIBILITY that World Trade Center building 7 collapsed just as neatly as the other two, despite not having been hit by a plane,, I never actually have heard a reason for that one. So, I'll have to get back to you on that.

I can accept the POSSIBILITY that the hijackers left a flight manual (in Arabic!) in their car. I mean, we've all had to cram before, right?

I can accept the POSSIBILITY that Bush just sat there listening to a story about goats for half an hour after the second plane hit and America was declared by Andrew Card to be "under attack." Bush is barely conscious anyway. Quick decisions in a time of crisis, albeit a very LARGE crisis, are not going to be his strong point.

But there is one possibility that, when I heard it, and before I'd thought much about alternative explanations for the attack, started me on my highly skeptical path. It was in the news again today. After the plane slammed into the building and burst into flames, one item survived the ensuing conflagration and fell to earth to be discovered "minutes" later. That item? A passport of one of the alleged hijackers. This discovery was in the mainstream news. This linkis to a recent story, and it isn't clear to me if this is the same passport mentioned days after the attack, but it seems to be. (Two passports? If that turns out to be the, they couldn't be THAT sloppy.)

Think about this for a minute. You saw the plane hit. Even if the very flammable passport survived, you mean someone was walking around looking for some free office supplies and just happened to notice the passport there?

"Oooh, watch out for that falling body, there, Betty. Hey POST-ITS! Wait, what's that next to them? A passport? I'd better turn this into the AUTHORITIES."

For me, this is where the story started to unravel. I can't think of any way this could have happened. And the news stories that reported this NEVER seemed to address the unlikely nature of this discovery. They report it the same as reporting that it was a clear day that September 11th.

There are lots of 9-11 skeptics out there. More and more of them creeping into the mainstream. That was the item that put me in that camp. What was yours?


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