Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Readers Write: Brown Befuddled

I've just been told to kiss someone's ass. The sentiments from this correspondent were centered around the "Paranoid Shift" article by Michael Hasty which is reprinted below. The writer of the email noticed that Hasty said he worked at the CIA as a clerk. Therefore, says my critic, the letter was "inserted" onto my site in order to "normalize" the idea that there are at least some good CIA agents out there. Go read the article and see exactly which parts of the article give you warm and fuzzies about the CIA. Let me know if you find any.

His main sentiment, to beware anyone claiming "former" CIA status is a good one, but most agents planting stories in the media don't identify themselves. For an idea how this works, check out "Deadly Deceits, by Ralph McGehee." He's a former agent who now maintains a database on the CIA. Maybe he IS still working for the agency...maybe people can't change sides. But at least he gives a lot of information about how it works. Really, I think we need to spend worrying more about the undercover CIA media. Check out this article about Project Mockingbird I've linked to before. I know nothing of the writer, so you'll have to use your own critical skills to evaluate it, though it draws on congressional records and mainstream sources for much of its info. Mockingbird. Oh, it's posted on whatreallyhappened.com about which another reader claimed is a cryptofascist site. Sigh. How hopelessly duped I am.

Speaking of hopelessly duped, somebody else sent me a bunch of links. This guy really doesn't like Jews. I'm not going to respond to most of what he said, but I will point out that the "prophecy" from Ben Franklin that warns about Jews taking over the world is a bullshit forgery that emerged, conveniently, in the thirties. And to the writer of these emails, no, I don't want you to do my horoscope either. Sounds like you have your hands full learning how to research the FUCKING VALIDITY OF EXTREMELY INFLAMMATORY QUOTES BEFORE SENDING THEM TO COMPLETE STRANGERS. Did I say that out loud?


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