Thursday, March 11, 2004

At least be unpredictable...

Yes, that's right, less than 24 hours after the horrible train bombing in Madrid, we are seeing stories that it was not the Basque Separatists but groups linked to....wait for it....Al Qaeda. Talk about conspiracy theories, that little guy in the cave is SERIOUSLY powerful. We should give up now! link

Seems the "authorities" found a van with explosive detonators and....yes...come on, guess...that's right a tape with "Koranic teachings." It is so convenient how these brilliant terrorist masterminds leave behind such helpful clues. Remember the arabic language flight manual in the Twin Towers case? These guys are so smart, they didn't learn to fly a plane in the months leading up to the attack, they learned to fly a plane by READING THE MANUAL ON THE WAY TO THE AIRPORT. Oh, and remember the passport. You know, one of the terrorists' passports that survived a fireball supposedly hot enough to bring down a massive building with steel infrastructure only to land unscathed and in an easily discovered location? FIREPROOF PASSPORTS? We CAN'T COMPETE with that kind of intellect. They think of everything.

Of course, I do notice that after the bombing, the Spanish government is thinking about suspending elections. Hmmm...Now the mainstream press has the current conservative ruling party comfortably ahead in the polls. That party, under Prime Minister Aznar were ardent supporters of the Iraq war. Perhaps the pollsters are wrong? Send me links if you find anything.


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