Monday, March 01, 2004

U.S. gets its way again. Aristide Kidnapped by U.S. forces.Death squads back in charge of Haiti

If you come to this site, you already figured out that the events of the last few weeks in Haiti were a coup d'etat led, once again, by the United States. Evidently refining their skills since the failures in Venezuela (Chavez is da man, y'all.), the U.S. strongly encouraged Aristide to step down. Then, they kidnapped him and whisked him out of the country. Reporting this fact is Amy Goodman, from Democracy Now speaking with Rep. Maxine Waters. Aristide called her to confirm what had already been reported.

Now look. When I "speculate" about whether the U.S. is behind some coup attempt, that's one thing. But they walked right into his house and hauled his ass out of there. If I see Kerry call it what it is, a U.S. backed coup, and call for the release of Aristide, I might soften my view of him a little.

Anyway, there is nothing particularly new or even Republican about how this was orchestrated, except for the kidnapping part. I think the Bushistas are the most brazen bunch of criminals ever to occupy the White House.

Here's the link. You can call your representatives and Senators and demand that Aristide be returned to Haiti, but its too late now. The country is in chaos and the FRAPH and the Ton Ton Macoute ride again.

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