Monday, August 16, 2004

I'm not THAT arrogant

Thought I'd correct a "misstatement", or, less charitably a Freudian slip in my last post. I was talking about being glad our local NAACP is planning to do electoral monitoring. I said the following: "The planning is in very early stages, and having no idea who I am, they aren't involving me in this early phase." On rereading, it sounded like I meant that if the DID know who I was, they would certainly be BEGGING me to be involved. Well, ummm...that's...I'm not...errr. Anyway, what I meant was that they are in the beginning stages and currently it is NAACP members who are behind this effort. They are hoping to build a coalition in the coming weeks.

Here in America, we are taught that if everyone does what is in his or her own interest, the magic of the marketplace, that creepy invisible hand, will make everything work out for the most benefit for all. We won't argue economics right now, but the Olympics have taught us that this certainly is NOT the case in basketball. The Americans got spanked, leaving Iverson to say that Puerto Rico just gave America a glimpse of "how the game is supposed to be played."

It turns out that five people playing as a tightly coordinated team could accomplish far more than five guys who simply act as individuals, even if the team players don't have individuals with the same level of talent. This idea, of course, is UNAMERICAN and smacks of COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA. I'm looking into whether CHINA is behind this devilish plot to denigrate market forces. China, you see, used to be COMMUNIST till they got McDonalds.

Adding insult to injury was the Iraqi Soccer team, who kicked the ass of the star-studded Portuguese team. It is alleged that Uday Hussein used to torture Olympic athletes who did not perform to his liking. I guess torture is not a great Olympic training tool, as Iraq has never won a medal.

Uday is dead, but the Iraqis faced numerous other obstacles. For example, their stadium was destroyed. I've seen this fact mentioned all over the internet, but for the life of me I can't find out HOW it was destroyed. There must be something going on over there.

The Iraqi team couldn't even get money to travel to Greece, but the Australian airforce flew them in gratis. No doubt, the Americans will use the Iraqi success to show the rightness of the invasion, but, again, having teams of dedicated, team players defeating HIGHLY ACCLAIMED SUPERSTARS, is very bad for the American psyche. And, of course, the American men's soccer team didn't qualify, so the showdown I would love to see will not happen.


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