Friday, November 07, 2003

An Apology

I know, I know. I haven't published in awhile. Many of you are floundering, desperate for cogent, perceptive analysis that can help you know how to think in these chaotic times. When you couldn't find that, you'd stop by here. Alas, here has been a pretty desolate place. My humblest and sincerest apologies.

While my wife lies clad only in a sheet and is massaged by the strong young hands of an attractive young man, I will sublimate any neanderthal rage or non-politically correct feelings of possessiveness and give you a few words to hold onto till I can produce a more epic epistle.

However, he'll be done soon, so this'll have to be quick.

The war in Iraq is going badly. You can even find that out on Fox News. However, you can also find out that, contrary to all expectations, the economy grew at a RECORD pace last month...just as people were starting to criticize Bush's handling of it. And as complaints continued that increased jobs did not go with this erstwhile recovery, it was announced that unemployment had FALLEN to 6% (which is where they want to keep it by the way...too few unemployed bad for keeping wages down, you know (said with a wink, through cigar smoke and over a fine brandy).) Now, what was the source of these figures spouted so recently by our fine, aggressive fourth estate? Let's see, it was the GOVERNMENT. Oh, thank God. Those figures, defying all economists projects, looked a little fishy coming right when they did. But when the news stories quote "the government" we can rest easy. The Labor Department is COMPLETELY independent from Bush and would never cook the books for him.

Oh, did you hear the story about the Canadian citizen who was "disappeared" (if you didn't know that word could be a verb, study your Latin American history and then get used to it) from an American airport and taken to Syria where he was tortured for over 10 months? Disgraceful linkThis begs the obvious not THAT question. Of course they can do that. They can do whatever they want. No, the OTHER question....what the heck are we doing sending people to SYRIA for torture. I thought Syria was next on the "hit list", a hotbed of terrorism, a dam in the torrent of freedom deluging the Middle East. They are now allies in our campaign to torture the world to free it of terrorists? Who knew? I thought we sent them to Jordan or Egypt or somewhere. I really need to get a scorecard or guidebook or something.

Well the Mrs. is done with her massage. She's kinda wobbly, I'd better step in before that young hottie takes advantage. Talk to you soon...I promise.


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