Monday, November 24, 2003

I Hate PayPal

Not my usual political rambling, but man I hate Paypal. Every time I end up trying to use it for something I have trouble. This time, I was trying to subscribe to the SquawkBox service. Because I rarely use paypal, I hit "create new account" since I couldn't remember what information I'd entered last time I tried to use it. Paypal recognized my email address and said, "Hey, you have an account." Okay, so I tried to enter my usual password. It didn't work. Must be a different one. I went to the "password recovery" section. It did not ask me the security questions you always enter (these places never why do we have those security questions?) so it wanted me to give my credit card number. It did, in fact, have the last two digits of my number, so I must be in there. Then I went to change my password and enter the password I usually use. Surprise, it wouldn't allow it. Even though it wouldn't work, it now said I had to "change" my password. Well, if it didn't work before, it obviously wasn't my password, so I should be able to change it to this one. Whatever. I picked a new password and finally went to pay Squawkbox. However, I got another screen that said I had to pay $1.95 "Expanded Use Fee." Paypal was going to credit me for that, but I would not get my "expanded use number" (whatever the hell that is) until my next statement came. I hate them I hate them I hate them.

So, squawkbox, if anyone there is reading this post, just know that you lost a subscription to your "pro" service because I couldn't use paypal. Sorry.


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