Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Shout Out to my MAN, Billy Frist

I think I went to school with you, Billy. And now you are a big Senator. And majority leader, too? Wow! Some very small news items caught my eye about you, Billy. Since you are a Tennessee Senator, and these were in Tennessee papers, I thought they'd be a little bit larger and better placed. But they were there.

Looks like one of your "assistants" was hacking into Democratic computer files to check out what they were up to. You copy the best, Billy. That's what Nixon was doing, too! Of course, back then, it was illegal and caused something called WATERGATE which was not a conspiracy, because conspiracies don't exist, so SHUT UP! But it did happen. And it shows that when you break the law, bad things can happen to you can get a presidential pardon, or, if you are the actual burglar, you can go to jail and then get a radio talk show. These are serious consequences, Billy, but you didn't shirk from your duty. You put up just the barest amount of plausible deniability. It wasn't was your ASSISTANT. Yeah, you were too busy to hack into computers...too busy with your wife...Morgan Fairchild...yeah, that's it, that's the ticket.

Here is the link though not from our local paper. I couldn't even find a mention on their website.


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