Sunday, May 30, 2004

The Hope that is Abu Ghraib

Obviously, I don't condone anything done at Abu Ghraib prison (or Abu Grabahama as Bush likes to pronounce it). What was done there was bad, and I'd love to see the actual commanders sent up for war crimes. However, it represents another step in the only scenario offering hope that I have been able to glom onto in these dark times: our current government is made up of fascists yes...but INCOMPETENT fascists.

That the U.S. engages in torture is no surprise. Please consult the following CIA manual for torture written during all the fun and games of the Central America 80's for a primer. link More often than not, I assume these days, they outsource their torture, even to supposed enemy states such as Syria. (Seriously, I don't make this stuff up. All right, go read the report yourself.) Now, as a taxpayer, I appreciate the use of outsourcing to other countries. It saves money and it puts more people out of work in this country. More people out of work means more "volunteers" for our military. It's a win-win situation!

But when you want a thing done right, you really have to do it yourself. Hence, Abu Ghraib (or Abu Grababennyhinna as Bush likes to pronounce it.)So, no, I wasn't shocked by the content of the photos, but rather I was ecstatic that there WERE photos. Not just because they offer proof that would otherwise only consist of the testimonies of Iraqis. And I think we all know how much the testimony of Iraqi's is worth. Even liberated Iraqi's are only worth about two tenths of an American, according to the latest market analysts. No, the photos were exciting because their very existence showed such a high level of incompetence that this whole rush to fascism seems to be coming apart at the seams.

First, a quick note about the low level grunts working at Abu Ghraib (or Abu Graba-dabba-doo, as Bush likes to pronounce it). Yes, these guys are taking the fall and if their superior officers on up the chain of command aren't prosecuted that is an absolute injustice. But that doesn't get you off the hook guys and gals. Following orders is not a defense for committing war crimes, especially (Lynndie England, you scum)if you are SMILING AND CLEARLY HAVING A GOOD TIME DURING THE TORTURE. I don't even know what to make of reports that England and others had sex in front of the prisoners. I know THAT wasn't ordered by anyone. At least, I think I know that.

But all in all, the photos were the best news to come out of Iraq since the war on terrorism (or trrrsm as Bush likes to pronounce it) began. How could any superior officer with half a brain let so many cameras record so much illegal activity? The photos we've seen are just a tiny fraction of the ones that are out there. Soldiers were trading these things like Pokemon cards. Incompetence at this level, no matter how authoritarian, cannot stand. At least the Nazi's made the trains run on time.

To continue on this theme, how about the appointment of Iyad Allawi as Prime Minister of Iraq? This guy's CIA connections are part of his OFFICIAL biography. His intelligence background won't have to even emerge from shadowy conspiracy websites and pathetic and ineffective blogs such as this one. Think this appointment might generate a little scepticism?

Oh, oh, I 'bout the police raid on Chalabi's HQ. This is the guy they handpicked to run Iraq. Remember the famous photos of the 100 or so people watching U.S. soldiers topple the Saddam statue? Those were Chalabi's guys! And now they go and raid his house. They say he's an Iranian agent. Now Chalabi's only friend is NYT reporter Judith Miller and the U.S. plans for Iraq continue to deteriorate.

Unfortunately, the Bush incompetence can, at best, only lead to a Kerry presidency. Since I imagine the Bushistas still have plenty of electoral tricks and fake terror attacks up their sleeves, I doubt this will happen. But even if it does, Kerry, as everyone knows, is just as gung ho about Iraq as Bush. (History of his stance: 1. I support the war in Iraq. 2. I supported the war but now I realize the war was launched under false pretenses. 3.I realize the war was launched under false pretenses, therefore we need MORE troops in Iraq (or something like that.)) The only difference would probably be that under Kerry, there wouldn't be any pictures.


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