Friday, June 11, 2004


This just in. Ronald Reagan is STILL dead. Repeat, Ronald Reagan is still dead. His fourth funeral service will be this evening.

It was the Reagan administration, you'll recall, who happily began to endorse the Messiah. No, not Jesus. Not Mel Gibson. No, I mean Rev. Sun Myung Moon, of course. If you traced all the rightwing conspiracies that we know of stemming from that era, you'll find Moon at the lurking on the fringes of all of them. Evidently, a bipartisan group of Congressmen helpfully attended his coronation as the New Savior. If you ever have the pleasure of listening to G. Gordon Liddy, you know that he constantly praises Moon's organ (propaganda organ, that is) the Washington Times. You see, God told Moon to get the Times and make it his mouthpiece. It is now, according to Liddy, the nation's Premiere Newspaper.

Go to the above link and then the links within the article. If you don't know about Moon's influence in this country, it is time you learned. The weirdest thing about it, is that this man, who claims that he personally is the Messiah, or new Messiah or something like that, has backing from fundamentalist Christians. While you are at it, give Liddy a call and ask him if he thinks Moon is the Messiah.

Now, we return you to your regularly scheduled Reagan memorial marathon.


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