Thursday, September 30, 2004

Mysterious Deaths Continue

First, why haven't I been posting? Well, the FBI has been harrassing me, threatening to put my family in jail if I continue to post my incisive commentary. Or, I just haven't had much to say, as there really isn't much left but the countdown to Bush's re-election. You pick which explanation you prefer.

I note with interest the passing of John Mack. If you don't know who he was, then you have not had the pleasure of delving into the fascinating world of alien abductions. Mack was a Harvard Psychiatrist and Pulitzer prize winning biographer of "Lawrence of Arabia," T.E. Lawrence, a conference about whom he was attending in London. The only details of his death are that, as a pedestrian, he was hit by an allegedly drunk driver. No details about whether that driver is even in custody have so far been released.

Mack was the most establishment figure to embrace the alien abduction phenomenon. He not only studied the issue and ran groups for alleged abductees, he maintained the that the phenomenon was real, albeit perhaps in ways that stretch our normal understanding of the term "reality."

If you are unfamiliar with the alien abduction phenomenon, go study it for a few years and you still won't know what's going on. Simply dismissing abductees as loonies is inaccurate to say the least. Thousands of victims have relived painful "memories" and (though this is less confirmatory than before the experiences were so widely explored on really bad TV documentaries) there are many similarities to those accounts.

The phenomenon produced a cottage industry of really bad investigation and really bad psychological techniques. While I don't know the percentage, one must admit that a great number of memories are recovered only after hypnosis, which, itself, is a phenomenon that is little understood and open to abuse. There is also some percentage of abductees who remember the events spontaneously, often using hypnosis only to enlarge upon those memories.

But like much in the UFO world, the bad investigation has so tainted the field that I assume any scientific value this phenomenon once held has been drained out completely. Mack himself moved into exploring the "spiritual dimension" of the phenomenon.

The best example of really bad investigation would be the case of Linda Cortile investigated by Bud Hopkins. You'll have to find his book "Witnessed" to be impressed with the level of his gullibility and what he counts as evidence. That book alone would drive anyone out of publicly endorsing the reality of this phenomenon. (Note to any future alien abduction investigators: anonymous mailings of someone claiming to have witnessed events that corroborate incredible stories do not constitute "witness" statements).

John Mack did no such investigation at all. He simply worked with "abductees" in (once could cynically argue, self-reinforcing)group sessions. From this he wrote at least two books on the subject (the John Mack Institute site does not have a bibliography and I'm short of time at present). I happent to know, through my amazing network of Hollywood sources, that, some years ago, he was pitching his first abduction book for a movie.

Mack could have been a sincere explorer of this odd phenomenon. It is, after all, a real phenomenon. For whatever reason, a large number of people have come forward having had these experiences.

As a Harvard Psychiatrist, I note with some trepidation, he would also could have been "in the loop" so to speak with any government mind-control projects, one explanation I've heard offered for the abduction experience. This piece is not meant to be a critical analysis by any stretch, but it's been pointed out, for example, many "memories" also feature quite human looking men in the background during these abductions who evidently play an important role.

One also notes parallels with the satanic abuse phenomenon. Many of the "experiments" carried out by the "aliens" are seemingly low tech and sexually invasive. In addition, satanic abuse memories are also often recovered under hypnosis and also scant on physical evidence.

Satanic abuse, in turn, (sheesh, wouldn't you hate to live in my head for a week) itself has been explained, by Dave McGowan and others, as not so much a religious movement, but as part of a cruel method of breaking down personalities for mind control purposes. It is quite clear, for example, that the CIA was interested in the ability to induce multiple personalities to create the perfect spy/assassin who, him or herself, would be unaware of activities carried out by the other personality. The most efficient way to induce multiple personalities, of coure, is severe and traumatic abuse with as much mindfuck thrown in as possible.

You'll have to do your own research on these topics. My sketchy presentation here makes me seem a nutjob myself. I vouch for no particular theory, only to point out that there are things going on here that go beyond a bunch of loonies seeking attention. I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out what it is.

So, this brings us back to John Mack. Killed in London in a freakish way. If they actually have the driver in custody, one can't help but wonder if the driver,him or herself, was a product of some of these little funhouse experiments tasked with taking out someone who knew too much.

Or maybe it was just a sad accident and John Mack was a genuine seeker, looking for a higher reality to explain the unexplainable. Or maybe it was the aliens themselves trying to keep their nefarious project secret for just a little longer.


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