Tuesday, September 07, 2004

More on Russia

Well, lots of people are noticing that things don't make much sense in this case. This article claims that it was a notorious "warlord" ordering the action. The terrorists argued among themselves about their actions (though, when you are told you are taking over a school, what, exactly do you think you are going to be doing?). Finally, one of the head guys blew too of the women up who were stirring up a mutiny. They had explosive belts on, apparently as suicide bombers, but the things were detonated by remote.

This makes one wonder how many other "suicide bombers" might be victim of such a thing. If someone straps explosives on you and has a remote control, it's pretty hard to say no, even if you know your ultimate fate, you'd try to buy some time.

I don't know the accuracy of the new reports, though the reports of the hostage takers arguing among themselves comes from survivors.

The story also makes clear that the hostage takers were not told any ultimate purpose except that they must "start a war." This makes some sense, as this is exactly what they've done. Why the Chechens, or at least the separatist leader and "warlord" who allegedly ordered the actions, want such total war is unknown. Even though Iraq shows they can make a stand, it's not a war they can win in any real way.

One Russian general, meanwhile, is saying the orders from this came from the UK. I can't really tell, but I think he may be blaming it on generic "Jews" and I've seen no supporting evidence. While we know Israel's Mossad, as well as any number of countries' intelligence organizations are capable of nasty things, such nasty things can also be done specifically to stir up hatred against Jews. The real benefactors of this horrible action are those who peddle war for political or profit reasons. I certainly know who those people are in the U.S., but I'm not as familiar with Russia. I don't know who their "Halliburtons" and "Carlyle Groups" might be. Or it could be countries' interested in getting Russia more on board with the "war on terror". After all, Russia has ties to Iran.

Meanwhile, I've seen a couple of stills of video, but not the video itself because I have no interest in a CNN superpass or whatever the hell it is, of scenes inside the building. Children packed densely, clearly suffering, with explosives overhead.

If you can get people to do such horrible acts, mind control or no, (and even basic training is a type of mind control, specifically designed to reduce inhibitions against killing) you have a terrible, evil and powerful weapon.

Here's another very brief article from a source I know nothing about, a communication company called RosBusiness Company. Article says police may have been complicit in the attack, which would explain the missing 13 attackers! Here's the whole article.

"RBC, 05.09.2004, Moscow 12:30:23.1, could have had accomplices among police officers, said Valery Andreyev, head of the North Ossetian Department of the Federal Security Service. He said initial investigation of the attackers' route suggested a conspiracy involving the police. At the same time, he did not rule out that the police officers might have been forced to help the terrorists."


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