Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voting in Wonderland

Well, I voted. yay.

I heard on the radio that there are no major problems voting. That's fantastic. Fantastic, as in not reality.

If you want an early start checking out this mess, you can start with these links.

Election Protection
Democratice Underground discussion board. My favorite? A woman gets harrassed because she's wearing a Boston Redsox hat.

What Really Happened is posting news stories.

Here's a sad thing. This computer professional in Amsterdam has an amazing site with little analysis but a very thorough presentation of poll results. He has been under hacker attack all day and I can't get the site at all anymore, despite 5 mirror sites. Try it yourself. He's a pro and may yet beat the hackers, though he probably shouldn't have gloated after he fended off the first attacks.


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