Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Masterful sleight of hand?

I used to love to watch magicians. Not so much anymore, because the stage shows are more about elaborately built illusions requiring no skill from the performer. Except, of course, for close up magic. Sleight of hand. These guys still fascinate me. No gadgets, or very few at least. Just an understanding of human psychology and a well honed ability to make people look exactly where you want them to for just long enough to accomplish what needs to be done.

I think we may be in the midst of just such a sleight of hand right now. I pointed out on this website some time ago that this guy Wayne Madsen, who currently publishes on sites like Counterpunch and the Online Journal but formerly was in the National Security Administration under Reagan (?), had received insider information that if the '04 elections were rigged, some in the military were planning to take over the government. Just long enough, you understand, to establish a legitimate government. What's more, ol' Wayne was urging us to be supportive of this move as the only real way to restore democracy. Here is the link .

I found this article curious. He discusses the potential military action as soldiers' "upholding the Constitution." I guess he never heard of Pinochet and the host of other dictators our fine military has installed over the last century or so. Whatever. But the scary thing is he claims to be getting info from senior military officials that this counter-coup, if you will, is, in fact, the plan.

Actually, in looking for the above article again, I found another article by Madsen calling for a military coup written back in February '03. This guy is really into military takeovers and dismisses concerns about such coups as driven by Hollywood hysteria. And I quoteth:

"While most of these cinematic presentations focused on power-hungry generals seizing control from democratically-elected presidents, no one in Hollywood ever really considered the possibility of generals imbued with democratic values ousting a President who was bent on seizing unconstitutional powers."

Maybe we don't consider that possibility, Wayne...buddy...pal, because IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN U.S. HISTORY DESPITE OVER 100 SMALL AND LARGE SCALE MILITARY INTERVENTIONS. Just a thought.

Anywhooooo... I also happened to remember another article, subtly titled "Martial Law Now!" that suggested martial law was our best option. Quotarooni:

"It's the only way we're ever going to find peace again. And the only way we're really ever going to be able to defend our country."

And, of course, there is this interview with a Colonel that no one seems to have heard of except for this interview, detailing how the military is planning a coup...and gosh how great would that be.

Now here's the point, as Ross Perot used to bark. I can look past Kaminsky and Col. What's-his-face, but Madsen has intelligence connections. Either this stuff is true or he's been assigned to make us think it is true. Now here comes the misdirection.

You see, the most specific, detailed information about the recent election fraud that names names and follows the money is here at Online Journal by.....oh, you guys know me too well. That's right, by Wayne Madsen.

So here's my concern. This political David Blaine got us all ready for a military takeover, which most of us (and I'd imagine a vast majority of the people who read the websites he publishes on) would be opposed to. The trigger, he told us, would be fraudulent elections. Then, we had a day where people pushed buttons and poked holes in what used to be called an election and there is pretty blatant fraud (no matter how little the mainstream media covers it.) Now here comes Madsen with THE SMOKING GUN that is, in fact, the very trigger (if I may artlessly mix my metaphors) he previously and enthusiastically reported would launch a military coup.

The misdirection is that, we are all going to be so caught up in exposing this charade and embracing those who oppose the elections, we will become less cautious about our choice of allies. Madsen himself said it is disaffected CIA types (Remember, all the DEMOCRATICALLY MINDED spooks are being rushed out of the agency to be replaced by evil, ANTI-DEMOCRATIC spooks. I love that. CIA agents concerned about democracy. Go ahead...pull the other one.) who are revealing this information. Ipso Facto, Quid Erat Demonstratum, Abra Cadabra and its Ukraine 2, only this time it's the U.S. military that comes to the rescue. Hey, and did you notice how much coverage the UKRAINIAN elections are getting. What's the last headline story about UKRAINE that YOU remember on CNN?

Clearly, the intelligence community is playing some kind of game here. Whether the game is setting up an actual "popularly supported" military coup or there is some other agenda at work, I'll be damned if I know. But in poker, this would definitely be called "slow playing your hand." Slow build up of evidence until....

Stay tuned.


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