Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Pestilence Among Us, Part 2:
Blood Libel

Welcome back to our fascinating look at cryptofascisticus antijudaicus the scourge of truth-seekers everywhere. Before we continue on this necessary though highly distasteful journey, maybe a brief word is in order about why I'm focusing on anti-Semites. Why not, asks the brave political activist, focus on the true dangers to American society, such as vote fraud, or the Franklin Mint Collection (TM).

Well, there are several reasons. First, of course, is the sheer evil that is represented by this style of thinking. Hitler, if you recall, was what in sociological parlance is called a "Really Bad Dude. (RBD)". Although it can be hard to find information about it these days, if the diligent researcher works with Google for a few hours, he or she can probably uncover some information about something called "World War II." Scholars differ, but there is a growing minority of historians who believes World War II actually happened and is not just a myth passed down by oral tradition. Recent archaeological expeditions, for example, have unearthed tantalizing clues that the legendary city of London may really have existed! The new Troy! These are such exciting times!

But the species of anti-Semite that lives out in the open, undisguised, is not our main concern here. If you'd like to see some of these in the wild, collect your binoculars and handbooks and search for some of these easy to spot varieties as an exercise. I believe that David Duke has a fine collection, though sadly, he trains the vermin to return to the wild and reproduce. More on his technique later.

In order to track the c.a. organism in the wilds of internet conspiracy theory, we will need to be familiar with it's most heinous manifestation, the dreaded "blood libel." The blood libel is the ancient idea that Jews are not only secretly controlling the world but that they have been capturing and sacrificing gentile children and drinking their blood or even mixing it with flour to make matzoh (No, dear reader, I am not exaggerating. ).

Here is a link to a document called: My Irrelevant Defence being Meditations Inside Gaol and Out on Jewish Ritual Murder by A R N O L D S. L E E S E. You can download a copy here, though I don't know if you can stomach such an unaldulterated produce of the c.a. organism.

Mr. Leese was the founder, in 1928, of the Imperial Fascist League in Britain. In other words, he was one of numerous groups hoping to side with Hitler, who, as I may have mentioned, was not a good man. Here's Leese's overview of the history of Jewish riual sacrifice:

The subject of Ritual Murder has always been one that the Jewish Money Power, which controls this country as well as most others, has taken all possible steps to suppress. The reason is that Ritual Murder was the dynamite which finally blew the Jew out of England in 1290, out of Spain in 1492, and out of Germany in our time. The Jews know it; and I know it too!

So here we have the first symptom of cryptofascisticus antijudaicus, the idea that if Jews were expelled or otherwise oppressed throughout history, it must surely have been their own fault.

It is beyond the scope of this humble blog to attempt to deconstruct this early piece of fascist disinformation. Suffice it to say that it is a combination of outdated and ill-researched material combined with outright fabrication. Still, the general outlines are important to note, I'm sad to say, because we find them echoing in the hallowed halls of modern conspiracy theory today. Of course, today, sufferers of c.a. will rarely make such overt statements as the following:

I believe that the urge for human sacrifice comes not through religion but through race; the idea is, I think, an original one, and came to me from observation on one race in particular, that known as the Armenoid or Hither Asiatic race, which I consider has a decided instinct towards sadism.

It is, I believe, the strong Armenoid or Hither Asiatic strain which exists in the Jewish Nation upon which we have to lay the responsibility for many unpleasant Jewish traits and practices, among them Ritual Murder.

The Jews are a nation without a home, not a race; they are a mixture of races, and the racial constituent which is most frequently to be found among them is the Armenoid, or, as it is sometimes called, Hither Asiatic. The other races which have contributed most to the Jewish types, whether Ashkenazim or Sephardim, are the Mongoloid, Negroid, Oriental and (White) Alpine.

You can see other important themes emerging. The racial classification system, of course, so near and dear to the fascist heart (though the actual classifications may change as needed) as well as this idea of the Jews as a "nation without a home", clearly important in ideologies that suggest "homeland" is the most sacred of all ideals.

He continues on this theme, with, of course, absolutely no source material whatsoever for any of his claims, for none exists, save other such unsubstantiated claims. He goes on to point out that it is not Judaism that is the heart of the problem, it is the racial characteristics of those who are Jewish. He ends this section with something that I think may be a clue for us to follow up on later, but for now, I will let it stand on its own.

The Aryan mind grasps with difficulty the idea that any human race can have an instinct towards sadistic sacrifice, for the Aryan has himself no such instinct.

Leese then continues to mention how, despite prohibitions of sacrifice and even the consumption of ANY type of blood is disallowed, there is an "esoteric" side of Judaism.

But it is known that there have always been two methods of instruction among the Jews: one Exoteric, which openly taught the Laws of Moses and the Rabbinical traditions; the other Esoteric, or mysteries confided only to certain persons bound to secrecy. This latter, the Esoteric teaching, is associated with Occultism and what is known as Black Magic, and the Mystical Cabbala is its source, for certain rites and ceremonies blood is necessary; and secret rites exist which are known only to the few.

Aha! More clues. Notice the emphasis on Cabbala, from which, dear reader, the very word "cabal" as in secret group running things behind the scenes, actually originates. It is unclear how Mr. Leese claims actually to know any of the particular secrets of these rites and ceremonies, of course, unless one is to assume that he is one of the "few" to whom such information has been revealed.

Anyway to the sacrifices proper. Here it is, intrepid reader, the ugly truth according to Mr. Leese:

The two principal feast-days associated with Ritual Murder have been (1) Purim, and (2) Passover, the latter at Easter and the former about one month before it. When a Ritual Murder occurred at Purim, it was usually that of an adult Christian who was murdered for his blood; it is said that the blood was dried and the powder mixed into triangular cakes for eating; it is possible that the dried blood of a Purim murder might sometimes be used for the following Passover.

When a Ritual Murder was done at Passover, it was usually that of a child under seven years old, as perfect a specimen as possible, who was not only bled white, but crucified, sometimes circumcised and crowned with thorns, tortured, beaten, stabbed, and sometimes finished off by wounding in the side in imitation of the murder of Christ. The blood taken from the child was mixed either in the powdered state or otherwise into the Passover bread.

Next, after some other discussion we move to a list of actual Jewish ritual sacrifices. These are simply vague accounts of murders with accusations of Jewish guilt. No evidence, of course, is required, for it is the NUMBER OF ACCUSATIONS itself that stands as proof.

Please read this list yourself, as we certainly do not have the time or space to examine it in detail. Leese then mentions several countrywide expulsions of Jews by ruling monarchies, such as by Edward I in England in 1290 or Isabel and Ferdinand in Spain in 1492. I mention this because of this amazing example of malfunctioning logic so inherent in those infected by cryptofascisticus.

The Jews, in attempting to escape responsibility for these deaths by Ritual Murder, do not hesitate to impugn the probity of two of the Kings of England, against whose moral character no one else has dared to cast a slur. Here are some examples. From the Jewish Chronicle Supplement, April, 1936, p. 8 (speaking of the Lincoln case in the reign of Henry III):

"Henceforth and especially under the zealously Christian Edward I, the Crown and its officers became almost a worse peril to the Jews than mobs intent on loot and led on by fanatic priests and money. When 18th century writers of history began to examine the old records in a new sceptical temper, some may be found venturing on such unkind surmises as that the alleged crucifixions of Christian children only seemed to happen when kings were short of money." The foul accusation against men of upright character is repeated by the Jew Hyamson (History of the Jews in England, 1928 edition, p. 21), who writes: "It has also been pointed out that the Blood Accusation was as a rule made at a time at which the Royal Treasury needed replenishing."

To deny that the cases of St. William of Norwich and St. Hugh of Lincoln were Jewish Ritual Murders is to accuse certain English Kings, certain English Clergy, and certain English administrators, known to be men of good morals, of murdering and torturing Jews to get their money, after accusing them of horrible crimes. In the case of St. Hugh, the sentence was juridical; in the case of St. William, the mob took the matter into their own hands because the Sheriff would take no action himself.

Whom do you believe –– the Jews or the English?

No, dear reader, your eyes do not deceive you. Leese has done exactly what you think he has. He has supported his assertion that Jews are evil child killers by simply listing accusations of ritual murders by Jews. He then cites the very logical explanation that these accusations often came in handy as a way to deport Jews and absorb their riches into the royal treasury. He then refutes this argument, merely by pointing out that it comes from Jews!

Learn this pattern, dear reader. You will see it over and over again. Accusations are made and arguments made by those so accused are themselves taken as further evidence of guilt!

I must cut short this post, anxious readers, for domestic chores call. Let us quickly note the themes that are important here and meet up again in a few days to continue looking at this rather foundational document of Jewish conspiracy theory (along with the dreaded Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the name of which I shudder to even type onto this virtual page.)

Please notice what is developing here, however. Leese is developing the themes of a small minority group that has powers in this world far greater than their numbers would suggest. This group engages in black magic and child sacrifice and secretly exerts immense authority behind the scenes of world history. Toward the beginning of the document, Leese calls them: the "Judæo-Masonic Hidden Hand." He also brings in their practice of Cabbala.

A secret group of black magicians engaged in Cabbala, Masonic practices and child sacrifice who secretly rule the world? Yes, my friends, you are seeing the outlines of the heart of internet conspiracy theory. While the specific referrals to "Jews" are often left out these days, the theory has changed little. And it is still in the service of the same masters as it was in the times Hitler used it to such horrific effect. And the irony is great...for those who most loudly espouse this theory, as we shall see, are themselves part of the real "Hidden Hand" of history. But that will have to wait, I'm afraid, for I'm getting too far ahead of the story.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Pestilence Among Us

Yes, I know. I post so infrequently my hit-counter's going to start going BACKWARDS. But I have an excuse. A TRAGIC story in fact, and one that has implications for all my fine reader(s) out there.

First, a shout-out, as those hip youngsters say, to the DOD, someone from which, for reasons I can't even begin to speculate on, comes and checks out this site every so often. 'Sup? Thanks for keeping America safe by reading my blog. You know, your reports must be the toast of your command.

Sept. 10 - still no update
Sept. 14 - still no update
Oct. 2 - still no update
Oct. 15 - request transfer to FEMA

Anyway, allow me to tell you what happened. I've been doing a lot of research...wanting to bring the world the finest quality cynicism and grouchiness that I could muster. I've been thinking hard about the BIG PICTURE, considering the most important QUESTIONS of the day:

Who's really running this world of ours?
What is their agenda?
What does it mean for our future?
Why the hell do they put electronic components in those impossible-to-open, oversized, plastic containers that you can only remove by stabbing them with a knife until the very electronic components you've purchased have been scratched and shredded beyond recognition or functionality?

These are TOUGH QUESTIONS, friends. And there are no easy answers.

So anyway, I have been journeying fearlessly on what used to be called the information superhighway but is now, I think, called WalMart and I have to say, there are plenty of answers out there...just take your pick! It's a smorgasbord of possibilities. An infinite variety of conspiracies from which to choose. Illuminati...Luciferians..Luciferian Illuminati...aliens...reptilian aliens...Luciferian reptilian illuminati aliens...why, it's a real conspiracy Baskin-Robbins out there.

Oh, but if you look deeper, my friends, deeper...deeper and deeper still, all of these various threads come together so neatly, so tightly, in a structure so coherent you could wear it as a sweater on Christmas morning.

Or at least, that's what it looks like. But before I tell you about the SAD and PAINFUL discovery I made while on this journey, I guess I need to say a bit about CONSPIRACY, lest someone read this hapless screed and think that I'm dumb enough to believe whatever those cream-puff, mousse-soaked, botoxed, pathetic excuses for journalists tell me to. (Note: since writing this, and after extensive research, I have discovered that Brad Pitt and Jenifer Anniston really did break up. So with tear-blurred eyes, I joyously say, "The media CAN be a BEACON OF TRUTH in these dark and troubled times."

But I digress...where was I? Oh, yes...CONSPIRACY. I believe in conspiracy. It is simply a mode of operation to which most sophisticated power structures turn. Politics by other means, if you will. Well, I don't believe in ALL conspiracies, you understand. I'm not THAT gullible as to accept every conspiracy theory that gets tossed over the transom. That whole Watergate thing, for example. That was just internet rumors gone bezerk (the internet in those times was not called "Walmart" as it is now, but the "newspaper.") And that whole "radiation experiments on unknowing victims" deal...clearly never happened. I can't think who on earth decided to put up information about it on the Department of Energy website. What were they thinking? And all those stupid Vietnam conspiracy theories: operation Phoenix, secret bombings of Cambodia. And that whole "Iran-Contra" business, and funding secret armies, assassinations by the CIA, alleged "COINTELPRO" operations by the FBI to infiltrate and disrupt dissenting organizations... Oh, don't get me started...TWADDLE, I say. PIFFLE and TWADDLE. Who actually BELIEVES that sort of stuff, anyhow? People are so gullible.

But clearly, there are DARK and POWERFUL forces operating behind the scenes. And I wanted to research this topic thoroughly, so I could bring you, my loyal reader(s) the truth about the way things REALLY WORK.

Oh, and I was onto it, to. ONTO IT, I tell you, like Judith Miller on the trail of those WMD's. (Judith Miller is MY HERO. And they sent her to jail for what? WHAT? I ask you. Some alleged insider trading in her home decorating company? A frame-up, I say. Trying to keep AFFORDABLE ACCENTS for ANY HOME out of reach for the average American consumer. Shame, I say. SHAME!)

I had slowly and painstakingly built up a solid edifice of evidence about who these New World Order elites really were and how they operate with impunity here in the U.S. of A!

But tragedy, gentle readers. Tragedy and woe. My edifice was infested. Infested with vermin of the lowest sort, hiding in the shadows and nibbling at the foundations of my most carefully constructed analysis of DEEP POLITICS. (Deep politics is a term coined by Peter Dale Scott that should not be confused with "politics." "Deep politics" describes the operations of a whole nexus of military, industrial, intelligence and criminal forces whose sole objective is the preservation of their wealth and power. "Politics", on the other hand, is actually the world's longest running reality program. And don't tell me it's staged 'cause it's NOT. Those guys are real people and they have feelings and problems just like you and me. I hope George and Tony get back together. They are such a CUTE COUPLE!)

What unsavory, dark-dwelling, carrion-feeding parasites were undermining the very foundations of my painstaking research into the forces which shape our world? I am ashamed and embarrassed to admit it, my friends. But we must face this together and together we shall rise above it. For the world of internet conspiracy theory is infested with these loathsome insects: I speak, of course, of the dreaded cryptofascisticus antijudaicus.

With the next few posts, I want to outline the extent of our problem. As you probably know, this poisonous and destructive pest goes by the common name "anti-Semite" and in some particularly serious infestations can lead to a thick, greenish ooze known as "Nazi scum".

I will not sugar coat it for you, patient reader. These pests are very difficult to unearth and eliminate. Their complex network of interconnected tunnels and their ability to morph into the appearance of apparently more benign creatures, can make them particularly difficult to eradicate. And that is not the end of our difficulties. For some of these creatures are TRAINED. For the mere chance to nibble the crumbs that might fall from their masters' tables, they will scurry about and do their bidding. They sow confusion and discord. They create false trails which terminate in dead ends or loop back upon themselves inducing a sort of tautological stupor upon their hapless victims. And all the while they emit a most noxious and unpleasant odor.

But there is good news, as well. They DO leave a slimy trail for us to follow. And more good news still. There is a strange property in these creatures that makes them particularly easy to study. In a sort of role reversal with their close kin, the cockroach, they actually swarm TOWARD any bright light shined in their vicinity. It is likely, thefore, that we will have a small swarm here to study in our comments section. We shall, with care, be able to pin these wiggling creatures upon our virtual styrofoam display boards (pinning them down is FAR more difficult than catching them, but it can be done.) and study them at our leisure. I would caution the reader not to engage them in their most native habitat, the anonymous post, but, instead, to observe them more objectively here in the lab that is my blog.

So join with me as we make this journey together. Be of stout heart and good cheer despite our delving into dank and gloomy places. We may actually be able to follow the trail of these vile insects back toward some of the answers to those critical questions I posed at the beginning of this missive. Except for the plastic packaging question, of course. That is a question which will never be answered. It is the darkest secret of all. And of that, we must speak no further.