Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Pestilence Among Us

Yes, I know. I post so infrequently my hit-counter's going to start going BACKWARDS. But I have an excuse. A TRAGIC story in fact, and one that has implications for all my fine reader(s) out there.

First, a shout-out, as those hip youngsters say, to the DOD, someone from which, for reasons I can't even begin to speculate on, comes and checks out this site every so often. 'Sup? Thanks for keeping America safe by reading my blog. You know, your reports must be the toast of your command.

Sept. 10 - still no update
Sept. 14 - still no update
Oct. 2 - still no update
Oct. 15 - request transfer to FEMA

Anyway, allow me to tell you what happened. I've been doing a lot of research...wanting to bring the world the finest quality cynicism and grouchiness that I could muster. I've been thinking hard about the BIG PICTURE, considering the most important QUESTIONS of the day:

Who's really running this world of ours?
What is their agenda?
What does it mean for our future?
Why the hell do they put electronic components in those impossible-to-open, oversized, plastic containers that you can only remove by stabbing them with a knife until the very electronic components you've purchased have been scratched and shredded beyond recognition or functionality?

These are TOUGH QUESTIONS, friends. And there are no easy answers.

So anyway, I have been journeying fearlessly on what used to be called the information superhighway but is now, I think, called WalMart and I have to say, there are plenty of answers out there...just take your pick! It's a smorgasbord of possibilities. An infinite variety of conspiracies from which to choose. Illuminati...Luciferians..Luciferian Illuminati...aliens...reptilian aliens...Luciferian reptilian illuminati aliens...why, it's a real conspiracy Baskin-Robbins out there.

Oh, but if you look deeper, my friends, deeper...deeper and deeper still, all of these various threads come together so neatly, so tightly, in a structure so coherent you could wear it as a sweater on Christmas morning.

Or at least, that's what it looks like. But before I tell you about the SAD and PAINFUL discovery I made while on this journey, I guess I need to say a bit about CONSPIRACY, lest someone read this hapless screed and think that I'm dumb enough to believe whatever those cream-puff, mousse-soaked, botoxed, pathetic excuses for journalists tell me to. (Note: since writing this, and after extensive research, I have discovered that Brad Pitt and Jenifer Anniston really did break up. So with tear-blurred eyes, I joyously say, "The media CAN be a BEACON OF TRUTH in these dark and troubled times."

But I digress...where was I? Oh, yes...CONSPIRACY. I believe in conspiracy. It is simply a mode of operation to which most sophisticated power structures turn. Politics by other means, if you will. Well, I don't believe in ALL conspiracies, you understand. I'm not THAT gullible as to accept every conspiracy theory that gets tossed over the transom. That whole Watergate thing, for example. That was just internet rumors gone bezerk (the internet in those times was not called "Walmart" as it is now, but the "newspaper.") And that whole "radiation experiments on unknowing victims" deal...clearly never happened. I can't think who on earth decided to put up information about it on the Department of Energy website. What were they thinking? And all those stupid Vietnam conspiracy theories: operation Phoenix, secret bombings of Cambodia. And that whole "Iran-Contra" business, and funding secret armies, assassinations by the CIA, alleged "COINTELPRO" operations by the FBI to infiltrate and disrupt dissenting organizations... Oh, don't get me started...TWADDLE, I say. PIFFLE and TWADDLE. Who actually BELIEVES that sort of stuff, anyhow? People are so gullible.

But clearly, there are DARK and POWERFUL forces operating behind the scenes. And I wanted to research this topic thoroughly, so I could bring you, my loyal reader(s) the truth about the way things REALLY WORK.

Oh, and I was onto it, to. ONTO IT, I tell you, like Judith Miller on the trail of those WMD's. (Judith Miller is MY HERO. And they sent her to jail for what? WHAT? I ask you. Some alleged insider trading in her home decorating company? A frame-up, I say. Trying to keep AFFORDABLE ACCENTS for ANY HOME out of reach for the average American consumer. Shame, I say. SHAME!)

I had slowly and painstakingly built up a solid edifice of evidence about who these New World Order elites really were and how they operate with impunity here in the U.S. of A!

But tragedy, gentle readers. Tragedy and woe. My edifice was infested. Infested with vermin of the lowest sort, hiding in the shadows and nibbling at the foundations of my most carefully constructed analysis of DEEP POLITICS. (Deep politics is a term coined by Peter Dale Scott that should not be confused with "politics." "Deep politics" describes the operations of a whole nexus of military, industrial, intelligence and criminal forces whose sole objective is the preservation of their wealth and power. "Politics", on the other hand, is actually the world's longest running reality program. And don't tell me it's staged 'cause it's NOT. Those guys are real people and they have feelings and problems just like you and me. I hope George and Tony get back together. They are such a CUTE COUPLE!)

What unsavory, dark-dwelling, carrion-feeding parasites were undermining the very foundations of my painstaking research into the forces which shape our world? I am ashamed and embarrassed to admit it, my friends. But we must face this together and together we shall rise above it. For the world of internet conspiracy theory is infested with these loathsome insects: I speak, of course, of the dreaded cryptofascisticus antijudaicus.

With the next few posts, I want to outline the extent of our problem. As you probably know, this poisonous and destructive pest goes by the common name "anti-Semite" and in some particularly serious infestations can lead to a thick, greenish ooze known as "Nazi scum".

I will not sugar coat it for you, patient reader. These pests are very difficult to unearth and eliminate. Their complex network of interconnected tunnels and their ability to morph into the appearance of apparently more benign creatures, can make them particularly difficult to eradicate. And that is not the end of our difficulties. For some of these creatures are TRAINED. For the mere chance to nibble the crumbs that might fall from their masters' tables, they will scurry about and do their bidding. They sow confusion and discord. They create false trails which terminate in dead ends or loop back upon themselves inducing a sort of tautological stupor upon their hapless victims. And all the while they emit a most noxious and unpleasant odor.

But there is good news, as well. They DO leave a slimy trail for us to follow. And more good news still. There is a strange property in these creatures that makes them particularly easy to study. In a sort of role reversal with their close kin, the cockroach, they actually swarm TOWARD any bright light shined in their vicinity. It is likely, thefore, that we will have a small swarm here to study in our comments section. We shall, with care, be able to pin these wiggling creatures upon our virtual styrofoam display boards (pinning them down is FAR more difficult than catching them, but it can be done.) and study them at our leisure. I would caution the reader not to engage them in their most native habitat, the anonymous post, but, instead, to observe them more objectively here in the lab that is my blog.

So join with me as we make this journey together. Be of stout heart and good cheer despite our delving into dank and gloomy places. We may actually be able to follow the trail of these vile insects back toward some of the answers to those critical questions I posed at the beginning of this missive. Except for the plastic packaging question, of course. That is a question which will never be answered. It is the darkest secret of all. And of that, we must speak no further.


Anonymous Qutb said...

Hey Dreams End buddy. So you've had enough of RI? I'm mostly just lurking over there now. Some good information gets posted there. I don't think I'm going to post much, I've kind of lost interest in that board. It's not just the anti-Semitism/right-wing perspective either. It's this whole "conspiracy" thing, I'm having doubts whether there's any point in pursuing it. To many people who are interested in these matters, it's a hobby, you know, putting together elaborate scenarios of how 9/11 *may* have been carried out, calculating bullet trajectories, "proving" that the "official story" is "impossible". There's an element of the thrill of a good horror story too. Imagine a conspiracy so vast and diabolical... To others, conspiracy theories serve the thinly veiled purpose of shifting the blame away from the commonly accepted culprits and onto their favorite scapegoat, which is usually the "Zionists" of course, in their multifarious guises.

But, as you point out, conspiracy is also "a mode of operation to which most sophisticated power structures turn". So it's probably something we should be concerned about, though I think it's a legitimate question whether the power structures themselves aren't perhaps more important than the conspiracies that spring from them. That's what people like Chomsky do of course, focus on the power structures and not the individuals and their various connections and plots. I don't think Chomsky is denying conspiracies as much as he's saying it's not the part we need to pay attention to. Of course, Chomsky's motivations for taking this approach have been debated.

I think the "conspiracies", or the deep politics and parapolitics, do matter, but I have serious doubts about how much we can *know* about these things. More than we're supposed to, or allowed to? How much is "truthseeking" worth if you're destined to follow trails laid out for you that lead you nowhere? 95% of the "conspiracy" material on the internet is completely worthless, and the remainding 5% should be taken with a grain of salt. Mostly it's just current events "analyzed" through the prism of rehashed birchite propaganda, or outright anti-Semitism like judicial-inc.biz. I don't think the hidden truth about anything can be found on the internet... The people who have contributed anything of value to "9/11 truth", for instance, are either conducting an investigation in the real world like Hopsicker, or have some "inside" (well not really) informaton like Indira Singh, or are simply collecting news articles like Paul Thompson. The rest are analyzing video clips, an excercise in futility which is not likely to shed much light on "what really happened".

So the information we want is usually beyond our reach. It is of course possible to deduce certain things from the available and established facts, for instance the fact that 9/11 happened can be seen as the best indication that it was allowed to happen (I think proldic wrote something similar recently on RI). It remains speculation, though.

But I digress. The amount of anti-Semitic bullshit in the internet "conspiracy" "community" has actually surprised me. At first I didn't even recognize the codes, the queen of England is the last one I got, thanks in no small part to you Dreams and your Makow expose. I understand she's supposed to be the head of the Freemasons, which are really Zionists, which doesn't mean Jews, but most of them are European aristicrats, who all have Jewish blood in them lol. That's mighty sophisticated Jew-bashing. I don't think a certain English expatriate poster over at RI appreciated being confronted with the intellectual roots of his Grand Unified Theory, by the way. He's still waiting for your answer, lol.

I'll be coming back, so you better get to work on the follow-up :-)

1:48 PM  
Blogger Ty said...

Welcome, Qutb! I think you have me confused with some other poster. We don't discuss conspiracy theories here! No sireee bob.

If I WERE to discuss conspiracy theories, and I WERE to preview coming attractions, I'd say that some of this anti-Semite, crypto fascist stuff is actually pretty sophisticated disinfo.

I also happened to think that one particularly sophisticated and wealthy anti-Semite upon whom we will focus in future posts (don't want to give away the goodies, but his name rhymes with: "Pinned on the douche") is at the heart of much of it. Also, several of the posters at RI are part of his fine cadre...and not all of them are as blatantly mentally ill as the one to whom you are referring. In his case, I think he is well meaning, but his posts are so incoherent that I couldn't respond if I wanted to.

For the rest of the 3 or 4 of you who read this blog, Qutb is a very thoughtful and knowledgeable analyst of events in the Middle East. By Middle East, of course, I mean Pennsylvania, but he knows some stuff about much of the Arab world as well.

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Qutb said...

And that, my dear Watson, is perhaps the most interesting part of this game. It is not unreasonable to think that important hints about where to look, if nothing else, for what's going on "behind the curtain", so to speak, can be discerned by looking at what "they" want us to believe.

I'm increasingly harboring suspicions that this "disinfo" may be intended to serve other purposes than just to distract, too.

My latest pet theory about this came to me after going through some of the holocaust denial stuff you find on the internet. A very unpleasant experience, I assure you. I thought I'd post something about it on RI, but decided that it wouldn't be a good idea in the present climate over there. What struck me about it is how similar those arguments are to many of the "physical evidence" arguments concerning 9/11. So similar, in fact, that I started suspecting that some of the same people might be behind them.

I know you subscribe to the "controlled demolition" theory, but regardless of what really happened and didn't happen, I think it would be instructive to look at these theories and if possible, trace them back to where they first appeared. That's beyond anything I've got time and resources to do, but I think it would have been very interesting to have a look at where each theory originated and how they spread through cyberspace.

Regarding "on the douche", I'm sufficiently conspiratorially conscious to suspect him of being more than just an "eccentric".

4:37 PM  

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