Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Yep...there's a new liberal radio network. Woohoo. Now the truth will come out. Umm...only one tiny little problem: the network is NAMED AFTER ONE OF THE MOST HEINOUS CIA FRONTS OF ALL TIMES: AIR AMERICA! They helped bomb Vietnam. They ran drugs. They...oh hell, do your own google search.

What is the deal here. On the one hand the people who started this station are clever enough to know what Air America was. Is it supposed to be satire? I don't think so because I don't think enough people would actually know enough about "Air America" to get the joke. Is it a big "fuck you" to people who had some hopes that the network might bring a little light onto some very murky places?

I don't know. I do know that it's messing with MY mind anyway. Someone please come up with an explanation, no matter how implausible, that I can hang on to, if only by my fingernails.

I also notice that they are going after markets that already have Pacifica stations, and it is a safe bet, even with all the underhanded shenanigans of the last several years, that Pacifica stations are more progressive than whatever Air America turns out to be.

Don't get me wrong...I like Al Franken, as mainstream as he is...he's funny. And I had a crush on Janeane Garofolo BEFORE she lost weight. I almost wrote her a fan letter once, till I realized I wasn't really THAT pathetic yet.

But to crowd the Pacifica markets AND name yourself after a well known CIA front? I guess hard hitting exposes of alternative 9-11 theories won't be topping the bill.

Anyway, go decide for yourselves. Change my mind. I hope you can. Here's the link

Friday, March 19, 2004

Proof of the Communist Takeover of America!!!

I've seen a bunch of headlines like that on sites like and others and they've always puzzled me. The thinking is that rich elites actually are working to create a communist world government. My understanding of communism is that they wouldn't get to be rich elites anymore if they did this. Now, in practice, communism hasn't worked out too well, and, in fact, often has led to an "inner party" that enjoys numerous privileges over the rest of society. But come on, some Soviet general getting extra Vodka and free hookers hardly compares to the wealth and power the elites have now. No, whatever the elites are creating, it most certainly is not communism.

But there certainly are reasons to think the elites would like a society in which the majority are completely subjugated to the elites. Whatever they may want to CALL that, it is most certainly not the classless society laid out by Marx and others. I like to call it fascism, but maybe you have your own name for it. Ralph, or Bobo, perhaps. Whatever you call it though, it is a VERY BAD THING.

Sad to say, though, the left can often be fertile ground for helping to forward the elite agenda, and without some perspective, you can see how some on the right could be confused by which tail is wagging which dog. I thought I'd look at a few of the oddities in the "American left" and maybe some useful guideposts for understanding the genuine left from such cults/intelligence front groups.

Here then is a look at some very strange bedfellows indeed.

The first pair of bedmates would be, and I hate to say it after having endorsed the man on this very website, Ralph Nader and the remnants of the New Alliance Party. I could fill many blog posts with information on the fascinating and at times repulsive history of this cult, but I'll have to stick to the basics. I will let you know up front that, though I knew a great deal about these guys anyway, I am relying on the Rick Ross Website for documentation. Ross collects information on "destructive cults, controversial groups and movements." All he has in his sections on each group is collections of newsclippings from various sources. I have only checked the entries relevant to this post, and if you have a group you like that made his list, please don't get upset with me. In fact, read his postings on the group in question in that not all groups that have listings on his site are represented in a negative fashion.

All right then, the link above goes straight to the New Alliance Party section. The first few entries talk about a recent "Choosing an Independent President 2004" convention which was put together by Fred Newman, the founder of the NAP and Lenora Fulani, Newman's right hand woman and sometime presidential candidate under the auspices of one of their MANY groups, the Committe for a United Independent Party.

So who are these guys and why should you care? Well, first off, everything they touch turns to absolute mud. Right now, Newman and Fulani are involved in the New York Independent Party, but they have a long history. They started out as the IWP, which I think stood for International Workers' Party. In rhetoric, they were as revolutionary and Marxist Leninist as you can get, and so any good commie-hating patriot would find Nader's appearance at their conference disturbing.

But the IWP developed into (or was all along, depending on who you read) a political cult. Many of the members were actually taken from Newman's "Social Therapy" clinics in several major cities, with numerous clinics in New York (hence the New York Independence Party there.) The key to social therapy is that the clients are hounded into giving up all of their time and money for Newman and his activities, whatever those activities might be.

Newman succeeded in trashing the IWP (scroll down to the Communism is Dead piece for a very pissed off insider perspective on the demise of the IWP) and from its ashes rose the New Alliance Party. These guys were extremely nasty and sophisticated. One tactic was to find states that had already established third parties and try to take those parties over. This happened to California's Peace and Freedom Party in '88. NAP bused lots of its New York members into the PAFP convention and got things screwed up there ended up being TWO separate conventions with the State having to sort things out.

During the Jesse Jackson campaigns , they tried every way they could think of to associate themselves with the Jackson bandwagon. After being told firmly but politely to get lost, they came up with such uniquely named projects as the "Rainbow Lobby" in order to create confusion and association with Jackson's Rainbow Coalition.

Let's stop and evaluate for a minute. A tightly controlled, political "cult" (I use this term only to mean a group with a central authority figure in which various forms of psychological coercion are employed to instill unquestioning loyalty, so obviously, the term can go beyond religious organizations) screws up a viable (that doesn't mean an electoral force, just a living, legal party) Socialist political party (Peace and Freedom) and creates some significant confusion in one of the most progressive grass roots movements in my lifetime, the '84 Jackson candidacy. (I don't want to talk about '88 or how Jackson's ego became more important than the Rainbow. I really don't. So don't post any comments about it, 'cause I'll get really mad and probably pout.) While in the process, NAP were making SERIOUS FAT WALLET, with their Social Therapy centers. I'm not saying there IS an intelligence connection, just that, if you were a decent spy guy, you'd fund these guys in a heartbeat. They are very disruptive.

To continue: in 1988 and 1992, Fulani herself ran for President on a progressive sounding platform. I can't confirm this yet, but I seem to recall that she got on the ballot in all fifty states, an incredibly difficult task. I do know that she and the Newmanites garnered a cool 3 mil in the process in Federal matching funds.

The story doesn't end there. In fact, so far, it doesn't end at we reach Nader, but first, we have to knock off the Reform Party.

After the '92 elections the NAP dissolved and in 96 began supporting Ross Perot. By 2000 they had pretty much taken over Perot's Reform Party and made lots of mainstream news as they backed the candidacy of Patrick Buchanan. Clearly, a consistent political ideology is not important to the Newmanites. Fulani herself claims to have come very close to becoming chair of the Reform party after helping to orchestrate an ouster of then-party-chair Russel Verney source.

I live in Nashville where a Reform party conference was held in '99 and to which police were called to keep the participants from killing each other. When I saw the scenes of shouting and chaos in our local news, I knew I was seeing a pretty classic example of a tactic I'd seen before. It was the beginning of the end for the Reform Party.

Now, I was no Perot fan. I don't know, something about his call for martial law in the inner cities just didn't sit well with me somehow. Call me a softy, I guess. But there were a lot of good, angry Americans in that movement. Where they've drifted to now is anyone's guess. Probably away from politics altogether.

So again, I'm not accusing Newman of being a state agent, I'm only suggesting that State agents looking for a promotion should be sending gifts to this man. He is the USS Party Destroyer.

Now, at last, to the few of you remaining who've ventured this far, we come back to Nader. The Committee for a Unified Party has a convention and Nader takes it seriously. One look at their website and you can see who's behind the thing. And Nader's a smart guy whose had to survive in the arcane vagaries of left politics. He could no more be ignorant of Fulani and Newman than Kerry was of the missing WMD's. I've seen at least one article telling how Nader is courting Newmanites in Texas. There are even rumors that Fulani may be picked as Nader's VP candidate.

Here's what I expect. Newman and Fulani will throw their brainwashed flunkies into the Nader campaigns in key states. Nader will not win, but will get enough votes to derail Kerry, or, more importantly, be seen to derail Kerry so as to distract from the voter fraud a la Florida 2000. There will be an attempt to create another Reform-party like movement. Nader will bow out, as Fulani demands more and more control. Fulani will either get her way or destroy the new movement, but either way, it will become no longer viable. Thousands of excited, newly energized activists will get pissed off and give up on politics. There will be no support for any hint of third party candidates in 2008.

So, back to our loyal patriots who see Communists controlling the country. I can see your confusion, so let me try to make this clear. Fred Newman and his group are no more communists than Milton Friedman. They adopt whatever philosophy they need to gain power. In fact, it is not unreasonable to speculate that they serve a valuable purpose to the ruling elites. But that purpose is NOT to create a communist country in which these elites must give up their pretty baubles and toys, but rather to DISCREDIT any genuine opposition politics, whether centrist (Reform Party) or progressive/populist (Nader).

Ramsey, Stalin and the International Answer

Some years ago, I was excited to be part of the committee organizing the "Los Angeles International Warcrimes Tribunals" as part of national effort led by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark. Clark had captured my interest not long before the Gulf War with his very solid critique of the invasion of Panama, going further than most in the "mainstream" would dare. His criticism of the Gulf War and his efforts to create these War Crime Tribunals (they were really more like teach-ins, actually) were impressive.

Now, Clark is behind the International Action Center which, along with International A.N.S.W.E.R. organized the large and succesful anti-war march last year. What's not to love?

Well, back during our little tribunal, I was a bit surprised that all of the folks doing the organizing nationally were from the Workers World Party. I didn't really know much about them at the time and certainly our Los Angeles Coalition included all kinds of alphabet soup left organizations. The WWP folks were good organizers and, except for a rambling speech one WWP'er delivered about China at the beginning of the Tribunal, they didn't seek to impose ideology on us local organizers.

They were, I have to say, a bit "glassy-eyed" in my view at the time. You know, so devoted to the party and the Tribunals, they seemed to lack anything other than a political dimension, and that dimension was pretty uniform among all of them. Come to think of it, they were a lot like the people here in the south who might walk up to a stranger and ask if you'd found Jesus yet. Only, without the Jesus part and a greater fondness for red.

I've been a glassy eyed-leftist in my own day, and somewhere there are some (really boring) FBI files to prove it, so this is not what began to bug me as Ramsey and his folks moved into the center of the most recent anti-war organizing. No, it's the fact that a former Attorney General worked openly with...well, Stalinists. The WWP is known for being a tad sectarian and, in fact, was formed from one of the myriad splits of the Socialist Workers Party back in the 50's. So for a man of such prominence to be so completely reliant on this one, obscure little party seemed odd.

And another thing bugged me. This WWP thing was a pretty open secret, yet the mainstream media didn't touch it, though some alternative magazines did write about this strange political coupling (though I saw no speculation as to WHY Ramsey threw his hat in with these guys.).

Now, I want to stop and say that I KNOW this sounds like some kinda McCarthyite redbaiting, looking for communist "cells" in all progressive organizing. First off, Communists, especially the Communist Party USA have a proud history of organizing, especially labor organizing, in this country. That's what communists do, and in civilized countries, it is okay to build coalitions with communists and socialists even if you happen not to be one. This being America, I realize things are different, but I'm just offering some perspective. Secondly, I recall that at the same time Ramsey was working hand-in-hand with WWP, he was representing quasi-fascist cult leader Lyndon Larouche who'd been arrested for credit card fraud. Evidently, they were getting donations by credit card and, I suppose, adding a little extra.

I've also learned that it was a WWP group that was one of the main organizers behind the original Washington mobilizations against the first Gulf War. You may recall that there were, in January of '91, TWO marches. The WWP group refusing to condemn Saddam Hussein and the rest of the Coalition condemning Bush and Hussein. Each side held their own march. That played really well in Peoria.

That's all I can do for now. It's late. Coming up, a look at the strange Christic Institute and the even stranger Danny Sheehan.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Dave 1, Ruppert 0

For those of you keeping score in the Dave McGowan vs. Mike Ruppert debate on "Peak Oil" I am posting the results here. The story so far is that Dave tossed in some comments about the premise of "Peak Oil" (the idea that the world is running out of oil and that this explains much, if not all of American foreign policy) and these comments seemed to irritate Ruppert, the current Peak Oil guru, so to speak. Ruppert, rather than responding, challenged Dave to an independently judged debate with each debater putting up 1000 dollars. Ruppert has a huge website of information, and this was his response. I should actually ding him a point for that.

Anyway, Dave posted an article expressing the quite heretical idea that peak oil is bogus because oil is a renewable resource created not from ancient organic matter but from abiotic processes deep in the center of the earth. I figured Dave was nuts when he told me he was going to write this, but, hey, that's his problem. Turned out, there was a lot of food for thought in his article.

So far, the only response that Dave has published (he promises to post all responses from the "Peak Oil camp" and one from Ruppert evidently just arrived as he finished his first response) was from a guy named Larry Chin. I think Dave should be careful here, because although Chin says Ruppert is a colleague, I don't know that he represents Ruppert in any way. Whatever the case, Chin got his ass kicked. You'll have to read the whole thing, for it is WAY too long to post here, but it is enjoyable. Best line:

Chin: Do you know nothing about Venezuela?

McGowan: Didn't he used to pitch for the Dodgers?

I'll look forward to reading more of this debate. If you are interested, you can post your own comments here and I'll collect the good ones and send them to Dave in one email. I think he's a bit tied up with this right now to answer too many individual emails.

Used to pitch for the Dodgers...that kills me.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

At least be unpredictable...

Yes, that's right, less than 24 hours after the horrible train bombing in Madrid, we are seeing stories that it was not the Basque Separatists but groups linked to....wait for it....Al Qaeda. Talk about conspiracy theories, that little guy in the cave is SERIOUSLY powerful. We should give up now! link

Seems the "authorities" found a van with explosive detonators and....yes...come on, guess...that's right a tape with "Koranic teachings." It is so convenient how these brilliant terrorist masterminds leave behind such helpful clues. Remember the arabic language flight manual in the Twin Towers case? These guys are so smart, they didn't learn to fly a plane in the months leading up to the attack, they learned to fly a plane by READING THE MANUAL ON THE WAY TO THE AIRPORT. Oh, and remember the passport. You know, one of the terrorists' passports that survived a fireball supposedly hot enough to bring down a massive building with steel infrastructure only to land unscathed and in an easily discovered location? FIREPROOF PASSPORTS? We CAN'T COMPETE with that kind of intellect. They think of everything.

Of course, I do notice that after the bombing, the Spanish government is thinking about suspending elections. Hmmm...Now the mainstream press has the current conservative ruling party comfortably ahead in the polls. That party, under Prime Minister Aznar were ardent supporters of the Iraq war. Perhaps the pollsters are wrong? Send me links if you find anything.

Susan Lindauer Arrest

CNN says a Susan Lindauer has been arrested for spying for Iraq. Here is the link.

This woman has the same name and lives in the same state as a former congressional staffer who filed an affidavit saying that Libya was not behind the Lockerbie bombing. Here is that affidavit.

The affidavit states that a Dr. Fuisz told her that it was Syria and that he knew the individuals who planned the bombings but could not tell her. Interesting, this same man gave testimony that a U.S. company had provided SCUD missile launchers to Iraq. An excerpt:

"Dr. Fuisz asked for my help as a congressional staffer because he said he had a problem. After testifying before a congressional committee about an American company that supplied Iraq with SCUD mobile missile launchers, he complained of being seriously harassed in lawsuits and by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Efforts by his attorneys to stop this harassment had been answered with warnings from the highest levels that he should never have talked about U.S. arms supplies to Iraq, and that he should stop trying to contact families tied to Pan Am 103."

This clearly sounds like they are getting back at Lindauer for making trouble earlier. We should watch this case closely as it is yet another precedent setting action.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Comments Working Again

After taking out a small loan and selling a few quarts of blood, I have paid the comments people and you may now add your own thoughts by clicking "comments" below each posting. I'd let you post directly, but this is a FAMILY FRIENDLY site, and who knows what you might say...

Monday, March 08, 2004

How to overthrow a government

Having studied the techniques of the CIA and related organizations, I am pleased to announce the following simple steps in overthrowing a democratically elected government.

1. Find some opposition...ANY opposition in the country. Your best bet is some rich members of a former oligarchy or former military. Begin giving them funds, and, start training some of them in case you need to move in the direction of military action. I understand there is a nice training facility in the Florida Everglades that is available as all the Haitian death-squadders who trained there are now busy destroying Haiti.

2. Come up with some reasons that the current government must go. The reasons could be true or not, that is irrelevant. A popular one to use would be economic issues, which goes well with number 4, below.

3. Buy and/or infiltrate significant media outlets. Use these outlets to whip up a broader backlash against the leaders.

4. Meanwhile, use overt and covert means to destabilize the economy. In Haiti, Bush simply held back 500 million dollars in aid already earmarked for that country. There are other ways to destabilize currency, including working with rich elites within the country who will be happy to help. A last resort would be an actual embargo of the country, though that's a tad obvious. Still, most Americans won't notice. We had economic sanctions on Iraq for over 12 years and yet when the second Gulf Massacre ended, news media were still talking about how Saddam had ruined the economy.

5. Infiltrate some unions. You'll need some protesters in the streets. You can pay protesters to come. That's fine.

6. Stage some opposition rallies. If possible, shoot some of the protesters and blame this on the government. This worked well in the first Chavez coup attempt. Obviously, do not tell the protesters of your intentions.

7. Ramp up the anti-government rhetoric from the media outlets you control. Be completely outrageous. Call for demonstrations. Slander government officials. Do whatever it takes. The goal is now not just to spread negative information about the government but to force a response, such as having one of your outlets shut down. Then, violation of free speech gets added to the list of grievances. You can then have some "moderates" come along and say, "Well, I wasn't really that sympathetic to the opposition, but when the government began shutting down opposition media, I realized (insert name of leader here) had to go." If you need to, pay some moderates to say this. Or some actors. This is primarily for U.S. consumption anyway.

8. Go to the CIA rolodex, and find out who the Agency controls in domestic media and get them to begin reporting on the opposition movement in ways that make it look legitimate. Be sure these media outlets blame all violence on the current government. The New York Times, FOX and CNN are good places to start. A good example of this in action is the case of Haiti. Despite the fact that the "opposition" are made of U.S. trained former Haitian military and death squads with horrible human rights records, they are called "rebels." Aristide supporters are called "armed thugs." This never fails. Don't worry that some other media will find out the truth and report it. Just make sure your headlines are bigger and get out first. Plant some stories called "The Truth about (insert name of leader here)" and make a lot of shit up. My favorite example was the "voodoo room" they found after they overthrew Noriega. It had "black magic paraphernalia AND drugs".

9. Don't actually kidnap the leader. He should be killed, as was Allende in Chile. Otherwise, they will talk. You see how much trouble Aristide was causing before they found the cell phone someone had slipped him. If it is a Caribbean or African state you are overthrowing, you might want to make sure Reps. Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel are out of the country while it's all going on.

10. Keep your own military involvement to a minimum. Some special forces in local dress is fine, but make sure there is alot of chaos before sending forces in overtly. Usually, the best approach is to wait until the leader is deposed and then send in "peacekeeping forces." Make sure you wait until the leader is actually deposed, though. It would be awfully embarrassing to be keeping the peace for the leader you are trying to get rid of.

11. Be sure to, at least at first, condemn the coup attempts, as Powell demonstrated in the opening weeks of the Haiti operation. You can switch sides later and no one will question you.

12. It can get messy, but know that, once it's accomplished, any talk that it was a U.S. orchestrated coup becomes a "conspiracy theory" and will be relegated to irrelevant blogs and leftist or conspiracy websites.
alt.conspiracy cannot hurt you.

Well, that's it. Simple. If you want to study how it works, read about Haiti and keep watching in Venezuela. Chavez is tough, but just about anything he can do from now on will simply "prove" how anti-democratic he is and how he "really brought the coup on himself".

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Nimmo on Chavez: NED at work

Kurt Nimmo reports that there are military training camps in Florida for Venezuelan opposition forces. Yep. We are training people to overthrow an elected government by force. By U.S. logic, some superpower somewhere should issue us an ultimatum and then start bombing. I hope that doesn't happen, as I am really far to busy to be bombed right now.

This was first reported on Wall Street Journal, though I saw it on Yellow Times.

He also notes the support of the National Endowment for Democracy, mentioned two posts below this one, for opposition forces in that country. At least these patterns are familiar enough that they are easy to spot. Go read about Chile in 1973 then you'll be able to understand what's going in in Venezuela right now.

Lost Comments Ability

I had to upgrade my Squawkbox account (read: give them money) in order to continue allowing my faithful fans (all six of you) to keep posting comments. I like to see your comments, so I sprung for it this time. Next time, it'll be Dutch treat. It may take awhile for the comments to come back...maybe up to three days. Sorry about that. I thought I had a year to test the system's only been about six months.

Kerry....worse than Bush?

Here's the thing, because Kerry is a nominal liberal democrat, he can get away with stuff that the Republicans would draw fire for. Remember what Clinton did to Welfare? A Republican would fry for that. So, amidst promises to put MORE troops in IRAQ and to have just as many pre-emptive strikes as Bush, Kerry eliminates all doubts about his loyalties with calls to increase support for the National Endowment for Democracy. Here is William Blum, pulled from Counterpunch:

Kerry faulted Bush for providing insufficient funding for the National Endowment for Democracy. -- He probably thought he was on safe ground; the word "democracy" always sells well.

But this is his most depressing comment of all. He's calling for more money for an organization that was set up to be a front for the CIA, literally, and that for 20 years has been destabilizing governments, progressive movements, labor unions, and anyone else on Washington's hit list.{6} Which would be a worse mark against Kerry, that he doesn't know this about NED, or that he does know it? It sounds like another throwaway to imply a divide between he and George W.

In other words, the NED just continued doing some of the things the CIA was getting in trouble for. Just as he could have with the WMD bullshit justifying Gulf Massacre II, Kerry could learn all of this about the NED before he finished his morning coffee. So, of coure, he surely knows these things already.

You can read more about the National Endowment for Democracy on this excellent site I just discovered: Third World Traveler. I just started looking at this site, but it looks like an excellent primer on the way things actually work in this country. When it mentions books, it usually excerpts substantial portions. Go check it out, and send me links to the best stuff there (it is a huge site). I'm going to add them to my links section.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

For Mickey

In the post just below this one (Anyone But Bush?) you will see in the comment boxes an impassioned, though rather inelegant request for more content from me on this site. "Mickeyfuckinmouse" suggests I get my ass in gear...and this post is for him.

At first, from the nickname, I thought maybe this was Michael Eisner. He may be rich, but he's had a tough few weeks as head of Disney. Not only are the board (including Roy, son of Walt) trying to kick him out, he was also somehow stupid enough to lose Pixar, the finest computer animation studio on the planet. (Then again, perhaps Pixar is the end of genuine art in animation and represents the hollow, sterile shell our technological society has become. (Then again again, I really liked Finding Nemo. I thought Dory was funny. That whole speaking whale thing...I loved that.))

No, it's not Michael Eisner writing me. Why would he? My world and his world will never meet. His world OWNS my world, and yours too. And it's a complicated one, where such warm and fuzzy symbols from my own childhood such as Mickey and Donald can, to so many, correctly represent an aggressive cultural imperialism that has tried its damnedest to turn this planet (to mix my corporate metaphors) into one Small, Small McWorld,

No, THIS Mickey, our Mickey, who has come here howling, starving, hysterical, naked, is some guy who has had a very tough go of it. If his story is true (I don't know why he'd make it up) he spent a great deal of time and ALL of his mental, physical and emotional energy taking care of his dying mother. His mother, then, must have been with HIM during her time of ultimate need and not in some impersonal, sterile nursing home, death warehouse somewhere. I will assume that Mickey simply had the strength of character to do whatever it took to keep his mother out of such a place. So I am a fan of Mickey.

Mickey is crazy. Some say crazy is a rational response to an irrational world. My wife is crazy that way. She talks to plants and trees like a lot of people do...but with her, the trees talk back. When the electric company comes and starts hacking trees down to keep the power lines clear, my wife can hear them scream. That's some crazy shit. Here is some crazier shit...what if we ALL could hear them scream?

Mickey screamed at me, too. He's just like the trees, I guess. Been hacked and hacked in the name of progress. People like him just get in the way. He's dispensable. We're all dispensable. We are dispensable and the tree hackers rule the world.

So I guess the first step is to scream ourselves. Just like Mickey, I sit here helpless and watch my mother die, OUR mother die..this planet, this amazing, interconnected living breathing organism that regrets the day the four-legged's ever evolved to two's.

And I feel helpless and so I write this blog. THEY have all the money. THEY have all the weapons. THEY are already one step ahead. THEY control the media. THEY fixed the elections. THEY kill people who get in THEIR way. THEY are committing terracide. And we don't even have any idea who THEY are. Not really. We'll probably end up shooting at each other one day, arguing about it, while THEY just laugh.

Then again. THEY want us to despair. In fact, THEY are the ones who WANT us to think they are all powerful. THEY want us to give up.

But let's not forget who WE are. WE have power. WE have our scream, our protest, our scrawled graffiti of Basta Ya! Enough is Enough! WE are Hugo Chavez in Venezuela looking Bush right in the eye, and calling him an asshole. WE are the 9/11 widows who keep asking questions. WE are the Zapatistas in the jungles of Chiapas. WE are those college kids dressed as sea turtles taking rubber bullets to the head. WE are the Nigerian Women taking on the power of OIL. WE are Rachel Corrie. WE are Dorothy Day. WE are I. F. Stone. WE are the Underground Railroad. WE are Cesar Chavez. WE are King. WE are Malcolm. And we are millions more besides whose names are not in history books, but who are part of making history.

Oh, yes, and WE outnumber THEM.

THEY don't want you to scream. So scream just to spite THEM. Or scream to wake up your sleeping neighbors. Or scream for help. Or scream to feel alive.

As long as somebody is still screaming...THEY don't win.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Anyone but Bush?

This is a very funny article, a takeoff on the idea that beating Bush is the only thing that matters, even if it means choosing as your candidate..Hitler. Wish I'd written it. link

Monday, March 01, 2004

U.S. gets its way again. Aristide Kidnapped by U.S. forces.Death squads back in charge of Haiti

If you come to this site, you already figured out that the events of the last few weeks in Haiti were a coup d'etat led, once again, by the United States. Evidently refining their skills since the failures in Venezuela (Chavez is da man, y'all.), the U.S. strongly encouraged Aristide to step down. Then, they kidnapped him and whisked him out of the country. Reporting this fact is Amy Goodman, from Democracy Now speaking with Rep. Maxine Waters. Aristide called her to confirm what had already been reported.

Now look. When I "speculate" about whether the U.S. is behind some coup attempt, that's one thing. But they walked right into his house and hauled his ass out of there. If I see Kerry call it what it is, a U.S. backed coup, and call for the release of Aristide, I might soften my view of him a little.

Anyway, there is nothing particularly new or even Republican about how this was orchestrated, except for the kidnapping part. I think the Bushistas are the most brazen bunch of criminals ever to occupy the White House.

Here's the link. You can call your representatives and Senators and demand that Aristide be returned to Haiti, but its too late now. The country is in chaos and the FRAPH and the Ton Ton Macoute ride again.

Democracy Now