Thursday, July 21, 2005

When is a Line a Cross?

Go listen to this report from Guardian reporter Duncan Campbell on All Things Considered (a radio news program here in the U.S.)

Here's what I heard him say when I listened to this interview. (Please listen to the story and write me back in the comments section if I heard it wrong. I can't get the link to work due to technical difficulties.)

1. The two London bombing attacks are similar because, as in the first bombing, there was one bomb in the north, one in the south, one in the east and one in the west.

2. The intent, as put forward by an "Al Qaeda related website," was to place a fiery cross in the heart of London.

I was a little stunned when I heard this. Had I not had enough coffee today?

Can YOU guess, why I'm stunned? Oh, reader, you are SO VERY clever.

That's right, the original bombs went off in a straight line (actually, points out a reader, a rather flat triangle with two bombs at the apex). One in the east, two in the middle and one in the west. What an odd oversight. Did the NPR reporter interviewing Mr. Campbell ask about this little discrepancy? Do I have to answer that question? Are rhetorical questions annoying?

As for the fiery cross, the only "Al Qaeda postings" I know about is the bogus and error filled "claim of responsibility". Well, I'm sorry, there's no mention of a "fiery cross" in the heart of London. Read it yourself here. It does say this:

Britain is now burning with fear, terror and panic in its northern, southern, eastern, and western quarters.
Does that sound like a fiery cross to you? I think you MIGHT be able to argue that they meant the bombs went off in these quarters, though they didn't mention that...they simply said there was fear in those quarters. Please post, in comments, any alleged Al Qaeda claims of making this "fiery cross". I could simply not have seen it and I don't find it by googling.

Conveniently, these bombings were also on three trains and a bus. This shows that the original bomb that was detonated on the bus was MEANT to be detonated on the bus. No mistake here. The first bus was a little odd, mind you, because the driver got lost and had to ask for directions, but still, it was all part of their EVIL PLAN. This second bombing proves it.

But here's a little riddle. What's missing from this round of bombings? Well, one thing that's missing, thank Goddess, is bodies. No one was killed. In fact, it appears that only the detonators went off. On ALL FOUR BOMBS. Clearly, the more skilled bomber from the first round of bombings was on vacation.

But because there are no bodies, what would you imagine the police would have at least one of? Yep, BOMBERS! They did not manage to catch a single one of them. Not one. Darn their luck! First the video camera didn't work on the bus during the first bombing and now this! Where's Clouseau when you need him?

Campbell says there are reports that one of the bombers was "black" and the other possibly "asian." I don't think that's going to get them far. Surely the camera on THIS bus didn't fail, though. In fact, Campbell says they will be releasing the video tonight or tomorrow. I eagerly await this video footage.

So what are we to make of this blatant lie that the orginal bombings went off in a cross pattern? Did he simply misspeak? Is there some message they want everyone to be sure to take from these bombings (other than pass the Patriot Act renewal bill, which was being debated here in the U.S. AS THE BOMBS WENT OFF. England is considering similar such measures.)

I'm not sure. But this is the most blatant piece of disinformation I have ever heard. I give it a 9.5 (with a 2.3 degree of difficulty for so blatantly contradicting known facts.) Do let NPR know about this little SNAFU, won't you?


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