Thursday, July 07, 2005

London: What a surprise...

The expected terrrerrst event has happened. Al Qaeda has planted bombs throughout London which detonated simultaneously killing dozens and injuring over a 1000. I know it was Al Qaeda who did it because a website claiming to be from them claimed that they did it. It's not possible, you understand, to say things that are not true on a web page. Try it:

"I am Santa Claus."

The only reason I could type this is because I put it in quotes. Had I not put in the quotes, the controllers of the web would have recognized this as an untruth and it would have appeared:

Today is Thursday.

Technology is amazing.

CNN says the website posting was by the "Secret Organization group of al Qaeda Organization in Europe". I guess they aren't that secret, but as usual, no web address is supplied, so we can't check for ourselves. CNN assures us that it is associated with Islamic extremists, so maybe it is the Exxon site or something.

Anyway, I don't mean to make light of the death and injuries. I just hope against hope that people are skeptical as they were in Madrid, which was victim to a remarkably similar bombing, allegedly coordinated with cellphones as remote controls (more on that below).

And here is His Supreme Unctiousness, Tony Blair:

"It's particularly barbaric that this has happened on a day when people are meeting to try to help the problems of proverty in Africa and the long-term problems with the environment..."

See, we're just trying to HELP. That's what the whole G8 thing is for, to HELP POOR PEOPLE. So why do they HATE us so much?

Here are a few tidbits to follow as the story "develops" (read: gets refined to actually make sense.)

1. There is at least one report that Scotland Yard had been given a warning and passed it on to Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu:

Report: Israel Was Warned Ahead of First Blast

Arutz Sheva | July 7 2005

( Army Radio quoting unconfirmed reliable sources reported a short time ago that Scotland Yard had intelligence warnings of the attacks a short time before they occurred.

The Israeli Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel room rather than make his way to the hotel adjacent to the site of the first explosion, a Liverpool Street train station, where he was to address and economic summit.

At present, train and bus service in London have been suspended following the series of attacks. No terrorist organization has claimed responsibility at this time.

Israeli officials stress the advanced Scotland Yard warning does not in any way indicate Israel was the target in the series of apparent terror attacks.

Scotland Yard, in the most recent article on CNN says there was no warning.

2. Initial blast was blamed on a power surge? WTF? This is particularly of interest if Scotland Yard had advanced notice...why would they put out the phony story?

3. If this attack gets linked to is game over. World War 3. Have a nice day.

4. The timing on this is rather interesting, not just because of the G8 thing. Recently, the Italian government has begun issuing arrest warrants for CIA agents and members of the neo-fascist Gladio network for their role in kidnapping a man and "rendering" him to a more torture friendly country. What's of particular interest is that, in the wake of this, US special forces were being withdrawn from Spain. Wayne Madsen (I know, he has too much "insider intelligence" for my taste, especially as he promoted a military coup d'etat to "correct" irregularities in the '04 elections) posts this:

In an unexpected and possibly related move, the U.S. Defense Department announced that it was withdrawing a specal forces unit, mostly comprising Navy SEAL personnel, from the Rota Naval Station near Cadiz in southern Spain. The move came after the Pentagon announced it would move much of its Special Operations to southern Europe, particularly Spain, Italy, and Portugal and establish a new Special Operations command at Rota. Some experts on Gladio and the "stay behind networks" have cited the similarity of the March 11, 2004 Madrid train bombings and a Gladio/P-2-connected train bombing in Bologna in August 1974 and the 1978 assassination of Prime Minister Aldo Moro (after he announced he would bring Communists into the government) and the recent assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri after his negotiations with the pro-Syria and pro-Iran Hezbollah.

See? Italy busts major intelligence/fascist network in Italy and the US withdraws special forces from Spain, where there was a train bombing last year that was extremely similar to this new one in London. These guys don't even have to be original...they just keep doing the same thing over and over again.

Feel free to send links of interest before all the contradictions disappear from the mainstream sites. I'll post as I can.


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