Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The obligatory word on Janet

One reader suggests Michael and Janet are CIA assets. They might as well be. But there was one element to the Janet "flash" that really bothered angry people get at women's breasts.

This is best typified by a conversation on a sports show here in Nashville. One commentator was not sufficiently outraged for the other. So the outraged co-host says: "What if your little daughter was older and saw that. How would you explain it?"

Now, I know we live in a technological age, but I don't think you have to "explain" a breast to a baby girl. They know what a breast is. They've seen one, I'm guessing.

The anger with which this statement was made was a little scary to me. Despite the overly sexual media we are saturated with, there is another, Puritan element in American society. I say Puritan, but these days I'm reminded that fascism has a public, puritanical, anti-sexuality strain (despite what fascisms leaders may ACTUALLY be doing in their own bedrooms...usual a large strain of doublethink there.)

Anyway, get mad at the cheap commercial trick at a sporting event that itself has become an expensive commercial trick, but please, don't get mad at Janet's breast.


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