Tuesday, February 10, 2004

So that would make the U.S. what, exactly?

Bush: See, free societies are societies that don't develop weapons of mass terror and don't blackmail the world.

George Bush on Meet the Press

Sorry for the lack of postings. Personal issues have had me swamped. Hope you are enjoying the pretend coverage of the pretend primaries leading up to the pretend elections. We just had our pretend primary here in Tennessee. I didn't get a chance to pretend to vote today. My wife is in the hospital due to incompetent medical treatment by a psychiatrist and rheumatologist. Hey, but who says a psychiatrist needs to answer an emergency page? Who says a rheumatologist needs to return your call when you can barely walk?

I'll be posting more about this, especially as we found a competent M.D. who is looking at all sorts of different possibilities for treatment. For now, let me tell you what he told me about psychiatrists and rheumatologists: They don't look for underlying causes. They just prescribe. There are DOZENS of illnesses, underlying infections and environmental poisons that can have both rheumatological and psychiatric symptoms. This is NOT even ALTERNATIVE medicine. I'm not talking about accupuncture (though I believe that to be effective in some cases) or crystal healing or any of that. (I rule out nothing, but just using these as examples to make a point.) But this is mainstream, peer-reviewed, medical textbook stuff.

I am encouraged, though. Without even having received all test results, the swelling in her joints went down after only two doses of anti-biotics to address common underlying infections and possible Lyme disease. The doctor is quick to point out that symptoms for these sorts of conditions tend to wax and wane, so he's looking for ways to track if it is actually the treatment that is helping. But after a 3-month painful flare-up that left her barely able to walk at times, zero swelling in the joints after two days of treatment is encouraging.

I'll keep you informed. I don't usually include a lot of personal information on this site, but my wife's case is very typical of what so many face in the medical system. We actually have the insurance to pay for this additional work...and a physician who knows how to code for highest possible reimbursement.


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