Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Who Owns Kerry

I've been speculating a bit as to exactly how Kerry came out of the blue to take such a strong first place position in these pretend primaries. We've seen how Dean was dissed by the media because he said he was going to bust up the big media monopolies. I guess the state of journalism must be pretty bad if any in the big media actually believed him. Seems like they did, though, because he dropped off the radar screen right after those comments. Today I was treated to an "analysis" on NPR about how Dean keeps "shooting himself in the foot."

But why Kerry? The picture is starting to get clearer. Who has more Wall Street donations than any other Dem? Kerry.

Here is an article from Fortune both showing how Wall Street backs him but ALSO how dangerous he would be for the stock market. Why, the market drop today was all because of HIM. This is clever. In an era when our pension funds, savings and, soon, even our social security funds are invested in the stock market, we have to care what "the Street" thinks. If we find out that a particular candidate will cause the market to bottom out, well, sorry, I'd love to vote Democrat, but....

All this, despite the fact that the market is actually more STABLE under Democratic rule. (This is not to endorse the idea that I believe we can tell anything about the health of a nation based on the market.) However, there's nothing like Republican rule for short term plunder. Hmm...perhaps that is the defining difference between democrats and republicans. Democrats favor LONG-TERM PLUNDER, while Republicans prefer the more directly profitable but destabilizing SHORT TERM PLUNDER.

Here's the article. Kerry Makes Market Mad


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