Wednesday, June 16, 2004

More Calls for military takeover

Admittedly, this comes from a less "mainstream source." In fact, I hate this guy. He's always complaining about how men are being emasculated by the women's movement. In other words, he has some...well...issues. However, this posting, from the Jeff Rense site, is another example of either a genuine opinion being offered that things are so corrupt only a military takeover can save us, or else a deliberate attempt to soften up public opinion in this regard. I'll leave figuring out which one as an exercise for the reader.

Here's a thoughtful quote from the article:

I really trust our people in uniform, because I really am an American.

Okay. Solid logic there. Before jumping onto this particular bandwagon, please do remember that our very own CIA specialized in the destabilization of countries to the point where a "military takeover" was instituted. This is so common, I believe they give it to first year interns to handle, like they do the election fixing. I mean, it's actually an insult to be a veteran spy guy and have to handle stuff like this. "You're still doing elections? At fifty? Sorry, man."

I could be wrong, but I don't remember another time in my life that people openly called for a military coup.

I'm collecting these calls for military action, so, if you find one, drop me a line.


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