Thursday, June 23, 2005

Further Musings

First, I'd like to direct everyone to a site I just found and happened also to be mentioned by reader, Daniel in the comments under the "Welcome Back" entry. It's called Rigorous Intuition and by coincidence happens also to be on Blogspot. I will be visiting there regularly.

Secondly, I'd like to add that I just touched the surface in my last two posts and there are reasons for that. One is that the information is out there, though you have to be sure NOT to leave your critical faculties in the cupboard when you are exploring this area, particularly because of reason two, which is this:

There's just an awful lot of bullshit you have to wade through to get at anything close to the "truth."

I did not build up a systematic case that the government intentionally creates "Manchurian candidates" and that likely this is often done with abuse and even with children. Further, some of these children may have been abducted right off the street for these purposes as well as to feed a large child sexual slavery network. I say that I did not build my case systematically because that takes a lot more than a blog. I believe, however, that the case has been made fairly well. Except....


There's something that is common to the topics under discussion here and also subjects such as UFO's, for example. I hope I can get this out clearly. The chain of evidence and reasoning that I've seen, and we'll stick with the child slavery/mind control stuff, is solid. Each link is well supported and much of the information on mind control at least has a government paper trail.

The problem is that, as you follow the chain of reasoning out to its conclusions, you almost always end up with disinformation at the other end, and it is quite frustrating.

Let's take the scenario of kidnapping and abuse of children for the purposes of mind control. I mentioned the testimony of Valerie Wolf and her therapy clients in a recent post. This testimony was taken in connection with Congressional hearings on radiation experiments on unconsenting subjects and I have no issue with this testimony. But now go to the website of Cathy O'Brien, another alleged victim until rescued by "Intelligence insider" Mark Phillips. Phillips' representation of his background has not been consistent, but looking at his picture, he sure looks like a spook, doesn't he? Reminds me of Robert Culp, but I digress.

I once wrote to O'Brien as she used to have info on her website about how her own daughter was being held in a mental institution against her will. I thought, "Wow, let me sign their petition or whatever action they are taking to help." So I asked her how I could help. She said the only way was to buy her book.

Oh really. Gee, glad you are so concerned about her.

Other reasons I tend to doubt her story a bit.

1. She was allegedly raped by Presidents Clinton, Ford and at least one Bush (I can't tell them apart, I think it was the one without the Texas accent.) Strangely enough, none of these figures have ever filed a libel suit against her.

2. All these people who rape her also let her know all their secret plans for world domination.

3. She saw George Bush shapeshift into a reptilian alien. (I'm not shitting you.)

Okay, so why should one bit of disinfo bother me so much? Well, I think that questionable info she has contributed has made it into all sorts of other accounts. For example, the Franklin cover-up story is as solid as it gets. You can view the documentary if you haven't done so already. As I also mentioned before, however, the main investigator working on this case is a former state senator who numbers former CIA director, the late William Colby among his friends and indeed Colby is quoted in the documentary. But further, one of the young victims, Paul Bonnaci, the same one who said Hunter Thompson directed a "snuff film" he was involved in, started talking about Project Monarch. Monarch, for those of you following this discursive mess of a paragraph (sorry about that) is the alleged name of the whole kidnap-kids-and-turn-them-into-mind-control-sex-slaves enterprise. Problem is, I've never seen any solid evidence that Monarch exists. In fact, the only "evidence" I've seen is the testimony of Cathy, "Read My Books" O'Brien and this statement of Bonnaci.

The two cases have another similarity, in fact. Both O'Brien and Bonnaci are taken under the wing of a hero figure. In O'Brien's case it is the aforementioned Phillips whose "intelligence background" allowed him to know exactly how to deprogram her. Isn't that conveeeeenient? In Bonnaci's case, he comes under the wing of investigator and CIA pal John DeCamp.

You see where I'm going here? I think it is a pattern. You get a real story emerging, in swoop these "hero" types and all of a sudden the stories start to expand and shift and lose credibility.

Let me quote another alleged victim of these activities, Kathleen Sullivan. You can see her website and evaluate her story yourself, but this quote is taken from her interview on Rigorous Intuition (really, I'm not being paid to push them...I just like the site!). Here's a long quote because it gets to the heart of whatever the hell I'm rambling on about.

1. The agents usually lure one or two outspoken, fairly credible mind-control survivors by wooing them and/or promising to protect the survivors. Some of the agents have actually influenced the survivors to allow the agents into their homes, sex lives, and bank accounts. These agents have then gained illegitimate credibility by encouraging their new protégés to co-write with the agents and appear with the agents at conferences on mind control.

2. The agents promote disinfo-laden conspiracy theories through themselves and their protégés. For instance, a current joint conspiracy among recognized disinfo agents is to frighten people into believing that: the high-level perpetrators (world-ranking politicians, etc.) are really shape-shifting aliens in human bodies who have already, in secret, created a New World Order that is in the process of changing all of us into mentally controlled slaves. (It is not difficult for identified disinfo agents, who are masters in mental manipulation and hypnosis, to “convince” the highly suggestible protégés that they saw high-ranking politicians morph into lizard aliens and back again.) By buying into this disinfo, we are likely to either become irrational, or to melt into puddles of helplessness and fear. I believe that as long as they focus our attention onto subjects like this that are likely to push our panic buttons, they will render us nearly, if not totally ineffective in learning the truth and using it effectively.

3. By feeding other bits and pieces of false information to the protégé survivors, they use the survivors to promote even more disinformation. Hearing such disinfo from both the agents and their protégés causes us to be more likely to believe that the disinfo must therefore be legitimate. My biggest concern about this, is that the protégés are not only adding an undeserved sheen of credibility to the disinfo agents and their lies, but the protégés are also being used to influence the public to believe that ALL mind-control survivors must believe the same lies. Beyond that, any individual who is educated or smart enough to recognize the disinfo as such, may therefore not trust information provided by those of us who are presenting legitimate information.

Of course, all this begs the question, "If these folks are mind control subjects, why not simply program THEM to give out the disinfo without the need for the additional disinformation agents?" However this model is a familiar one. I will end with a couple of other instances of this in other fields, just to show you that it is a rather common disinformation tactic.

First you have Danny Sheehan, the founder of the Christic Institute. Sheehan has a habit of getting into slamdunk legal cases with important political ramifications and then losing the cases by introducing a lot of unsupported and diversionary conspiracy information (some of which may even be true, but still goes unsupported by solid evidence in his briefs). The most famous example is his involvement in a lawsuit that involved many aspects of the Iran-Contra case. It's a long and complicated story. For an analysis with which I agree, you can go to this article by Chip Berlet. This link takes you into the middle of the article but the whole article is how rightwing elements and perhaps intelligence figures infiltrate and distort attempts to expose important political information. The bottom line is that a pretty winnable case was lost as Sheehan introduced all sorts of theories about a "secret team" that was running all these operations. The secret team elements of his lawsuit were not at all proven and detracted from the credibility of the rest of the case. Berlet also adds that many of the conspiratorial elements in his case originated in work by neo-fascist Lyndon Larouche and rightwing publication Spotlight.

Sheehan went on to get involved with a UFO organization called the "Disclosure project" (whose homepage I'm having trouble finding at the moment, for some reason.) They had a big press conference a few years ago designed to show blockbuster evidence of UFO's as extraterrestrial in origin. Other UFO researchers gave the press conference rather mixed reviews. Within that conference was Sheehan adding his own spin that all of the UFO stuff was evidence of....a secret government. The last thing I saw Sheehan involved in was Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign. I'm not saying Kucinich would have won the nomination without Sheehan on board...but more casualty on the Sheehan list. You can check out his UFO work here.

So, what happens is that legitimate information and "conspiracies" get mucked up with additional information that either supports a rightwing agenda or intentionally discredits the legitimate information. Some UFO research falls victim to the same approach . In fact, this is one of the reasons I don't discount UFO research, though UFO researchers are the most gullible bunch as a general rule and are ripe for this sort of trickery. However, if these spooks are messing around with these guys, there has to be SOMETHING of interest going on.

My favorite example is of the two Military Intelligence officers who disclosed bits and pieces of the entire "alien presence on earth" to various researchers. These guys, code named "Falcon" and "Condor", were invited to appear on a TV show called "Ufo Coverup? Live!" back in 1988. One of the producers of that show, Bill Moore, himself has confessed to intentionally providing disinformation to another UFO researcher at the request of "UFO insiders" promising to reveal aspects of the truth to him. So already we see these games beginning. On the show, Falcon gives a rundown on the now famous MJ12 group that secretly carries out research on and maybe even cooperation with the aliens. Falcon also offered the helpful details that the government was currently hosting an alien visitor and that these aliens like Tibetan music and strawberry ice cream.

You see how this works? I don't know what, if any, of MJ12 is fact, though the fact that the intelligence community itself is partly responsible for the MJ12 legend seems clear to me. But by the time he got to "strawberry ice cream", anyone who was beginning to find the story believable just changed the channel. Even Moore admits that there was a great deal of "disinformation" mixed in with the truth. (For a sober assessment of UFO evidence you may find surprising if you are new to the subject and which is based very much on US military documents, see UFO's and the National Security State by Richard Dolan. )

I found this quote at which sums up very nicely what such disinformation does for research:

Some of these birds tell us that the "secret information"
that they give us is "partly disinformation and partly true".
Sheesh! If I gave them a wine glass and told them it was partly
champagne and partly horse urine, would they take a sip?

(Uncle Phaed's UFO Investigator's Handbook)

I don't know anything about this Uncle Phaed, but that quote really gets to the heart of the problem when looking into the murky world of conspiracy theories which are tainted by disinformation. And for whatever reasons, these intelligence guys are pissing all over the place.


Anonymous Daniel said...

Being a big Carl Sagan fan, as soon as I hear of aliens (living or dead) my first thought is always one of 2 things: the writers are gullible, or they're intentionally lying (I hasten to add that there's alot of disinfo that does not originate from the powerful, which is then just called a hoax). For me the wierdest case was that of Fletcher Prouty who's info on everything I saw jibed perfectly with everything I've been prying at over the last 3-4 years. So I was surprised when I started reading his (very limited) discussion of commmunicating, living aliens and their place in presidential daily briefings. Jim Fetzer (on black-op radio, I think thats his name), a seemingly reliable guy claims he knew Prouty and that prouty spoke alot of aliens. That shook me up pretty good, cause it means that either a) there are living aliens on earth (almost scientifically inconceivable) or b) one of the most trustworthy seeming voices that I have encountered out there was, at least in part, lying.

Alex Jones refered to David Icke (he was the first to mention shapeshifting alien jews I beleive) as a "turd in the punchbowl." Which would match the Kathleen Sullivan quotes about that being a strain of disinfo. That would also go a long way in explaining how such a truly stupid idea was so succesful. That said, most of Jeff Wells' posts and comment boards on UFO's regard transdimensional aliens which is a part of the lizard jew thing. Icke adamantly denies (denied?) that the lizards are or represent jews, but at the same time links from his page to a copy of The International Jew.

Truly enough to asplode ones head.

5:00 AM  
Anonymous Ty said...

Well, Prouty is, indeed, a great example. If you hit "previous" a time or two in the Berlet article about Danny Sheehan you'll find a discussion of Prouty.

Whether UFO's or "secret governments" or assassination theory there are always military and former military intelligence types around providing info. Some, even much, often checks out and some strains credulity.

Why are they doing this? For neo-fascists, it could be as simple as taking actual facts and interpreting them through a fascist lens so the "disinformation" is simply their projection of their beliefs onto this body of facts.

I think much of the time it is intelligence community game playing, however. And the games can get very elaborate but it's not clear to what end. For UFO's for example, it could be to a)obscure the truth b)make up facts out of whole cloth for purposes of social control (UFO cults) c) hide the truth of military technology that has to be tested in the open d)none of the above or all of the above.

But Daniel, aliens on earth are "almost scientifically inconceivable"? You know what science will look like in a hundred years? a thousand? ten thousand? We can already, in this horse and buggy era of space travel, conceive of ways to beat light speed (deliberate creation of wormholes, for example). Some early experiments in "quantum teleportation" have been succesful as well. To assume that advanced technologies haven't come up with other ways and the means to carry them out...well, I just think you can't make that claim in any way, one way or the other.

The Rigorous Intuition site posits that high strangeness events interpreted as extraterrestrial in origin is actually some other weird occultic mystery generated from much closer to home. UFO research Jacques Vallee kinda went "off the reservation" with similar theories, noting similarities between UFO events and folkloric events of elves, etc.

There is certainly more to heaven and earth than dreamt of in any of our philosophies.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site has lots of info on, ufo's, child abduction, mind-control, chemtrails...



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