Friday, February 27, 2004

More on healthcare

This is from Southern Exposure Magazine



Percent of U.S. residents who rank health care as one of their "top issues": 82

Number of people in U.S. without health insurance, in millions: 43.6

Percent of personal bankruptcies due in part to medical expenses: 50

Amount by which President's budget cuts Medicaid over 10 years, in billions: $16

Amount his Medicaid plan will increase drug company profits, in billions: $139

Percent of health care costs that go to administrative overhead in private insurance: 11.7

Percent for administrative overhead in the Medicaid program: 3.6

Percent for administrative overhead in Canada's national health system: 1.3

Number of times a December government report mentioned racial health "disparities": 30

Number of times it mentioned this after being "edited" by Bush officials: 2

Sources on file at the Institute for Southern Studies.


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