Sunday, February 29, 2004

Disinformation or Roadmap?

This interview was referenced in our comments section of our Nader debate. Go read it. Grand-Pre Interview

I'm a little suspicious that this is a disinformation ploy, though there's another thought I had about the interview that's even worse.

The interview says 9/11 was planned by the Bush cabal and carried out by remote control airliners. That's not really a new idea. But it says that, in response, the military is planning a coup d'etat. Here are some reasons this seems a little suspicious to me.

The man openly embraces the idea of coup d'etat and yet seems not to have encountered the wrath of Ashcroft or our Dept. of Fatherland Security. You aren't allowed to advocate violent overthrow of the U.S. Govt, are you? And where is the investigation, the arrests of those in the military planning this thing? He's pretty open about the details with hints that he knows much more. He even names names of high level military who support this idea. Doesn't this seem at least a little fishy?

However, I had an even worse idea. Now, I tend to argue along the lines that, yes, elites control the world, but that there are different factions and alliances, etc, and there is not one global, all powerful conspiracy that is running the whole show. However, it did occur to me that this man's interview actually involved callers PRAISING the idea of a military coup. Think about this idea: Bush (really Cheney) et al do really bad things on 9/11 and after. Slowly but surely the truth gets leaked out until there is actually a fairly high (substantial minority) level of support for a military takeover. It's a pretty good script for easing the transition to military rule, one that would involve the least amount of civilian opposition. I mean, what would YOUR protest sign say if 9/11 was officially revealed to be an inside job and the military took over and tried all of those responsible? We've been wanting them kicked out of office, yes?

It may not be the truth, but it IS a fantastic movie script. I just hope it stays in the realm of fiction. Imagine, the military takes over with civilian support. Those who are opposed are branded SUPPORTERS of BUSH!!!! They are arrested, with little outcry from the public. Oh, and combine this with the recent Pentagon report that climate change requires drastic MILITARY planning...sheesh. I just scared myself. I'm going to go do some housework now and calm down. Somebody stop me before I start getting so paranoid next time, will ya?

Oh, and somebody find me some information that proves this Grand-Pre is a quack. You know you are freaking yourself out when you want to debunk your OWN conspiracy theories!


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