Saturday, February 28, 2004


You'll have to read the attached article if you don't already know the significance of that number. This article is a nice summary of the "story so far" concerning electronic voting. To wit: Two brothers control 80 percent of electronic voting in the country. They have funding and ties to very nasty rightwingers through the Ahmanson family, such as Ollie North, Richard Secord, the Klan and Christian Reconstructions who want to kill gays and drug addicts except for Rush Limbaugh. States where these machines are most prevalent tend to have really surprising Republican electoral upsets.

Pass the article around to those Kerry supporters who are bugging you about considering Nader. Tell them that even if their logic is correct in a fair election, it won't matter in this one, because the fix is in, and the only thing we lose by attacking Nader is the message he bears: corporations run our country and no one, Dem or Rep is standing up to them. Thus, I declare myself the winner of all Nader/Kerry arguments of the past, present and near future. Congratulations to myself on a fine victory. Now go read the article. It breaks no new ground, but is a good overview. link. As always, you can go to for a free book and other excellent resources.


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