Tuesday, July 06, 2004

What Things May Come

I admit, I feel like I'm just sitting around and waiting. I and 7 billion other bloggers have speculated about what might be coming in the very near future. Lots of hints, many of which are false or or deliberate misdirection.

I find it interesting that Bev Harris, who has so tirelessly been going after the whole electronic voting disaster is now VERY mainstream, featured, for example, in this CNN article. This, I'm afraid, is not inconsistent with the idea of the military seeking to prepare us for the fact that the elections are illegitimate and they'll need to save us. Thanks Guys!

I saw an article that I can't find right now, about some statistician's who are almost ALWAYS right about Presidential elections, who say the polls are irrelevant, Bush will win. Clearly this is preparing the way to justify election results that don't match what even the fakey fake polls are saying.

We also know that Bush dumped Tenet, and will no doubt be looking for someone who can get the CIA under better control. Does the CIA Director even have much real power or is the CIA such an entrenched institution that they have their own agenda regardless of who is appointed their head? Will the CIA and military be working together in the big counter coup? I dunno.

You've all seen the articles about how Internet Explorer is vulnerable and that a massive internet attack could be on the way. This makes great sense to me, as the internet is THE primary source of real news now. Folks who rely on the internet for their political organizing need to be sure to bring on some older activists who remember how it was done before the internet existed.
Seriously, they could shut it down, then claim that it was shut down as a terrorist attack. Two birds with one stone, eh?

(This blog, I assume, is pretty much off the radar, so who knows. If only major sites are attacked or shut down, maybe you and I can be helpful till they spot us. If the whole internet gets whacked for a while, I guess we'll have to find other ways to be useful.)

We've also been GUARANTEED by Condy Rice and others that there will be another terrorist attack. We've also been told by her and others that it will be an attack designed to influence the elections. Here's an op-ed by Maureen Farrel listing some of the other such predictions.

We are in the lull before the storm, for sure, and I really don't have enough insight to make specific predictions. It's gonna be ugly, and scary, although the scariest scenarios for me are the ones that are least noticeable, such as Bush winning without a fervent protest about election shenanigans, or Kerry winning and coninuing the immoral conquest of the Middle East. Don't count on Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11: The Sequel while the killing continues on Kerry's watch.

Stay tuned...


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